"Player Slab" - Rudy's Grading Company is Slabbing Cards for Regular Use

You’re not meant to have an entire deck of player slabs. They are meant for the game permanents that don’t change out like a Commander (MTG), Sorcerer (Sorcery), or Hero/Equipment (Flesh & Blood).


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I don’t get how this is any better than a one touch, toploader or frankly any other grading company slabs.


Do they grade VSTAR card markers?


Looks like they have a QR code.

Already leaps and bounds ahead of the BGS tech team

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can i just get a bulk order of the cases without the grading service. thanks.

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I see no point. As someone who plays MTG - if someone brought their commander in one of these, it would just feel like a weird and unnecessary flex. They’d likely become the immediate target too. I like the cases - they remind me of some of the Japanese clear cases I’ve gotten in orders before (not sure where they come from). But the label and grade just feels unnecessary.

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Lame as hell, trying to fill a niche that doesn’t exist, ‘it’ll succeed because of who I am’ energy.

I can kind of see the use for these. In FaB a lot of players have some cards on their decks in plastic cases because they are $200+. So I could see someone in the market for one, but wanting to make sure it’s authenticated. Though I guess that depends on how common fakes are for those cards.

But outside of authentication, the grade combined with it being used in a deck seems a bit odd.

There are plenty of people who play with slabs already oddly enough. So it caters to those people.

Edit: So apparently there are prize/trophy cards people like to play with, but would also are the kinds of cards people want to grade. So that would also serve that purpose.

It’s a vast improvement to be able to display the face of the card without seeing a tacky grading label.

Remind me of an invention: A pair of chopstick equipped with a fan that blows the noodles as you eat them.


I don’t know how to respond to this other than…this sounds like something that I would’ve appreciated in college

I actually like the idea, and I think it’s nice to have the option available to have a card graded with the information placed on the backside instead. The problem for me is that while I like the idea, I still don’t have a desire to grade with anyone other than PSA now that things have returned to normal. I just wonder if PSA down the line decides to copy the idea, how much more would this presentation catch on?