"Junk Slab" discussion

No such thing as a “junk slab.”


Still not a junk slab, in my opinion.

What is your definition of junk slab?

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I don’t have a definition for something I don’t think exists

But, seeing as you don’t think it exists, are you not working with some theorem of what it would be?
What is the thing other people see in junk slabs that you don’t?

The reason I’m asking is because, monetarily, I think some people (particularly bulk sellers) could agree. Assuming some fractional premium over raw cards, and low enough grading costs and some degree of liquidity, “junk slabs” become just another low-margin asset one can profit from by doing big volume. If this is the case though, I have no idea. I’d assume not.


Do you think there exists cards that have no business being in slabs?

No, I don’t.

From what I’ve heard/read, it seems like people call cards with horrible condition/modern commons & uncommon, junk slabs. Are there other examples as well? For me, I wouldn’t label anything as such. Both opinions are subjective.

I think labeling these cards as junk, does more harm though. Especially if it’s coming from youtubers. Their fans are more likely to be influenced by the things they say.

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Any slab that must be razzled because it cannot be sold on it’s on merit is a junk slab lol


Oh and given as a “prize” in a mystery box too


What if the intent isn’t to sell it? Who decides the merit of the card in the first place?

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Ill change it to - if the graded slab is worth less than the cost to grade at the lowest tier then the slab it is junk
plus I can nearly guarantee that cgc 3.5 wartortle unlim will end up in a mystery box. It screams mystery box to me

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It isn’t intended as a slight against the card, the owner or how the owner may feel about their card. As I understand it, it is an expression referring to the lacking monetary value and public undesirability with undertones of how that came to be.

Now, from an outside perspective I get how someone might find it offensive to bake how “shitty” something is into the lingo used to address it, but the expression is used in context and distinguishing that is seen as a non-issue for several reasons, one of them being that a huge swath of these slabs are graded, advertised, peddled and held by people with what many regard as an insalubrious presence within the hobby.

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It may very well end up in a mystery box. So do high graded cards though

I am willing to change my mind on this subject, HOWEVER every single grade 3-4-5 slab that I have seen and would deem garbage slab has been transacted through sleezy IG sellers raffling or mystery boxing them away.

Junk slabs go hand in hand with junk sellers, and my issue (and probably most people’s issue) is more with the junk sellers peddling these junk slabs. The slabs are tied in my mind with these sellers. I feel that 100% of these junk slabs are being pushed to noobs because thats the only way they can get rid of these slabs. If someone enjoys these slabs then they are not junk to them, I just imagine that even the noobs getting these in mystery boxes would not have purchased a CGC 3.5 non holo had it not been under the guise as a “mystery” item.


Even then, it’s still subjective. I’ve seen people call cards worth $50-$100, junk slabs. To some, that’s a good amount of money. Especially if they have a lot of cards in that range.

I totally get what you’re saying though. Context does matter. I just think referring to cards that have less monetary value, as junk, is a little irresponsible. Young people are still heavily influenced by what they see and hear.

all slabs are junk slabs


There are plenty of $100 pieces of junk at the scrapyard as well. If anything, people concerned about the welfare of these gullible teenagers should probably use the term junk slab more often, God knows there are enough people out there overselling them as sound investments or, at the very least, as articles of inflated commercial relevance.