Plasma Storm SR Blastoise

What is the value of the card ungraded? There was only a single one on ebay and I just won it. Appears to be NM, just saw the pressed edge that is common with textured cards, but otherwise looks great.

The past sold auctions vary by up to 50% for cards that look identical.

Always been a Blastoise guy since it was the first Holo I pulled as a kid, love me some Charizard, but Blastoise will always be king for me.

When you said “I’m a Blastoise guy” it instantly transported me to this video lol :blush:


Ebay completed listings might be your best friend! :blush:

That was the best, thanks for sharing!!

As Mentioned in the first post, the completed listings are what are confusing me. Same exact condition card is selling for 50% than another one, for no apparent reason?

In the past 2 weeks I’ve only seen one single one pop up on ebay, which is the one I just purchased.

Amazon has been sold out of it for months, TCG player doesn’t even have it listed anymore. Troll and toll has a played condition one selling for a stupid high price(like 2x as much for the NM I just got).

The numbers are all over the place, which to me is weird for a card with VERY LOW supply, I can only find 5 copies for sale online right now.
Where as the Charizard counter part I can find dozens and dozens of them.

They are ranging from $28-40 from what I’ve seen on the 14 from January until now.

I searched Blastoise Plasma Storm.

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It’s worth $25-35.

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Dang you I was bidding on that lol. No idea what the going rate for one is but pretty sure you scored a good deal. The card looked like a psa 8 or maybe even 9 to me from the pictures.

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Thank you!

I didn’t want to go over $25 since I did see the corner, but emotions got in the way lol

Stop and shop has one for $20 +shipping, but they’re out of office and it doesn’t list the condition.
Also the website is so archaic it kinda scares me, but if you want to gamble here’s the link:

The only other 4 copies I can find online are all at $49-50 +shipping.

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No problem :blush:

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I used to buy them for 15 and sell at 35-55 early last year, don’t know why people paid so much, but its prob good rn to get them under 25

Well update, bad news.

the post office damaged the package and the card. Stupid seller ripped me off on the shipping and shipped it first class instead of priority i paid for. So i couldn’t file a insurance claim because as you guess it he didn’t insurance it. If he would have shipped it priority it would come with insurance. All this stupid #@$% just because he wanted to save $2.50. Called ebay and they confirmed he shipped it wrong, so they said they were gonna put a hold on his account but I doubt they’ll do anything.

Now I’m stuck in a paypal claim, shipping the card back as we speak.

Good news is more copies of the cards have popped up, they’re all at $33-40 now.

There’s only one at auction, but the seller sounds sketchy as hell and the photos are out of focus, when I ask for more pictures he comes up with stuff like the card is his son’s and cant take more pictures, so I would avoid it.

Funny enough the pictures he’s using are the same out of focus ones from another seller: