Pikachu Illustrator sold for 9,000,000 yen!


Not an extra copy, seems like this was the person that drew a Mew? Had the original envelope as well!


Before people start dissecting the price, can I just say in cases of rare items such as these the price is determined by what makes the buyer and the seller happy and I’m guessing of them are in this case. There is no right or wrong price.
That’s one lucky seller and one lucky buyer. Good luck to them both!

Hope more sales such as these can “legitimize” the hobby and one day we can see sales as high as our sports counterpart.
As a small collector it’s great to see such cards and such price points in the hobby. Hopefully I can get there someday :blush:


So cheap!!

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Great score! What a steal

Congratulations to the winner, that is a deal of a lifetime!


While the price seems low, clicking on that link and trying to navigate makes my head spin. Not to mention then taking the added step of entering credit card or bank information into a site where I can’t understand the language or characters. I know I COULD take the time to search on the forum and sort it all out, but people have to recognize these are real barriers for many buyers. I think it is recognized here, but just saying…

creating saved searches on ebay and watching items I want to bid on is the baseline of effort I’m exerting in buying cards right now. Maybe I’m just going through a lazy period.


Anyone save the pics of the envelope? Would be cool to see!


At some point a wad of cash and eBay is simply not enough to acquire certain cards


The letter to the contest winner has Chansey on it (not a unique art, thank God!). However I am concerned about sharing, as it could be easily copied and used to sell ungraded fakes, if someone claims to be a contest winner with the “original letter”.


Holy **** ****.

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That is the normal reaction! You are highlighting exactly why pretty much everything goes for less in Japan. There are so many barriers/restrictions for high end. Even if you understand how to navigate Mercari, you have to wait for a middleman to make the purchase. During that time, someone from Japan will most likely snipe any deals.

The owner just put it up for a price they wanted, and of course it instantly sold. Hopefully they are happy with the sale, we know the buyer is :laughing:


You need to be in japan and you need a local phone number there too. Also besides the point as items are only ‘sold’ once the full amount is paid for the listing.

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$86k seems like a pretty decent price. As far as I’m aware only 2 raw copies have ever sold higher than this, right? The anomalous $140k sale on Mandarake in 2017 when they were typically under $15k and Pkonno’s recent $210k copy.

With all the extra copies we’ve been seeing recently I’m curious if in future things like envelopes like the one in this listing and trophy cases will give the item higher value than those without.

Well technically, if you wad of cash is 2 million dollars…

9.999M is the maximum on mercari. If you really need the money quick, mercari is your best bet because you need to pay for the item to be ‘purchased’. Even for Japan standards, this 9M price tag was such a bargain that there were not just one, but multiple individuals willing to buy the item.

Having the envelope will definitely add more value. How much depends on the buyer really.

But personally I think if you had a chance (saying this because to even find one of these listed at a decent price is so rare) between two options:

A: PSA 7 with bad centering/dent with envelope
B: PSA 10 potential without envelope

I personally would prefer option B. But everyone is different.


Pics are gone, but is that in the original unopened taped off sleeve? I don’t really know how this card was distributed any help is appreciated

Fully acknowledged, and not trying come off that cavalier about it. For some items, playing offense is required. I was more coming from the perspective of “ways I could look/feel stupid”, aka “bad conversations to have with your wife”…

  1. I just sent a large sum of money to that nice Nigerian man who contacted me yesterday, or…
  2. I couldn’t understand anything or verify the authenticity, and had no protections, but I just wired $90k to this Japanese website. “But mah nice frends on teh forumz sed everything would be ok”


I kid obviously, and am probably very ignorant on this topic, but it really makes me pause, and is likely an insurmountable barrier for me. My view clearly won’t represent the whole market. But I would imagine that a decent portion of the market at large would think like me on this


My point being that not everything can be purchased through the convenience of eBay. If you want a hard or difficult to acquire card, you may have to go through some inconvenient or non-traditional methods to purchase it. It all comes down to how badly you truly want it.


Is the moral of the story don’t get married or something else


I was actually the first to message the seller and was the reason he posted back pics. (Idk how you post a card of such value without back pics) seller only wanted to do the deal locally and wanted cash or bank wire. So flying to japan durning this wasn’t something in the cards. Sold a few hours later for 88.6k to someone doing a meetup with him. Crazy deal definitely looking like a PSA 9