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Swirl Stories

Hey everyone! As many of you probably already know, I love swirls. On my Instagram, I have been sharing my swirl cards semi regularly, but I wanted an album on here as well that is purely dedicated to just the swirls in my collection. Feel free to leave your own interpretations of my cards! I’d love to hear your stories as well!
Master List
1/10/2022 Haunter’s Scare
11/10/2021 Tyranitar is Goku
11/9/2021 Lugia and Ho-oh EX Play Promos

“Would you just QUIT IT!”

In this one, Houndoom must be living with something or someone based on the torch burning in there. In my mind, the Swirl is a fairy. This fairy is incredibly annoying however, and the Houndoom at one point turns around to yell at it to shut up!

Hide and Seek Eevee

I feel this is a pretty self-explanatory swirl scene. The Eevee and the swirl are playing hide and seek, and it was the swirls turn to hide. Eevee ran around the tree and just so happened to spot its glorious glimmer just in time!

Overly Excited Wigglytuff

I love this one a lot. It is so simple, but Wigglytuff’s face says it all. In this one, the swirl can be whatever kind of thing you want it to be. Maybe some flower petals blowing in the wind, maybe a fairy like with the Houndoom, or maybe it’s just simply a swirl, and Wigglytuff is breaking the 4th wall to admire it’s place within the holo. I personally like the fourth wall one.


I adore that Wiggly! Easily one of the top 3 Wigglytuff cards in the entire hobby. Awesome swirls!


Hell yeah, it’s finally happening. I’m super pumped for this thread, keep em comin Pidgey!!

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Today, I’ve got two of my favorites(they’re also in the banner)! Not only were they my first, and currently only copies of the Player’s Club ex versions, they were also bought in the same lot, and BOTH have really awesome swirl/orb placement. The only downside is that Ho-oh’s swirl is rather light, so it can be difficult to see. Otherwise, Beauties all around! The duality of these cards and the way I got them is too perfect to pass up the chance to display here.
In Pokemon the Movie 2000, Lugia regularly charges what appears to be Hyper Beam/but I hope is canonically Aeroblast. As we all know, the charge animation for Hyper Beam is an orb, but Aeroblast often has a similar animation in other media. I feel a sphere more naturally represents water as well. It is a perfect fit for Lugia to then have an orb.

On the other hand, it is naturally more fitting for ho-oh, the user of Sacred Fire, to have a swirl on his card. Fire is only contained in a sphere when it is pure raw power like Hyper beam, but this is meant ot be pure fire. Fire is more aberrant in nature, and therefore the swirl is more fitting for the charge pattern.
Pretty obvious what Lugia is doing in the picture. This is a variation of the “imma chargin my laser” swirl/orb. Probably the most common variation, at least that I see. But it is nonetheless stellar when combined with the natural beauty of the card itself.

Sacred Fire!
This one looks a little more epic than the Lugia in my opinion. Sacred fire is such an iconic move and I feel that the swirl really does justice to the nature of fire.


That Ho-Oh placement, wow…

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Right?! If it were just a tiny bit stronger of a foil all around, it’d be flawless. However I think something can be said for the subtlety as well. Doesn’t steal from ho-oh’s pose I guess?

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This is a good thread. Killer swirls!

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Thanks, I appreciate the support! Did you just recently get that mewtwo btw? That PSA 10 version on the “god tier swirls” thread is the same as yours and is probably the swirl that started this whole revolution tbh, at least here on eFour I feel. I personally didn’t understand the swirl craze until I saw that and then I started going nuts haha!

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Got it back in April I believe! I think I snapped it up off ebay within like 30 seconds of it being listed lol. Swirls are my favorite visual characteristic of Pokemon cards!


Nice! Yeah I’d have done the same! The nine just makes it that much better if a snap purchase too. I Just recently did that kind of purchase with a venusaur GB promo that you will see in future posts. I posted it on insta a little while back, though.

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Here me out…Tyranitar…is…GOKU…or just a saiyan
My Evidence is as follows.

1st : Goku Always Eats Before a Battle

2nd : Goku Uses the Kamehameha During Battle

3rd : After Battle, Goku ALWAYS Eats Again!
Literally just found this card today, 11/10/2021 at a shop and it’s safe to say I bought it without a second thought haha!


Haunter’s Scare!

Today is a 3-part story involving three Pokémon famous for their predilection to eat and/or invade unsuspecting people’s dreams. Sometimes though, that plan can backfire on them and they can get into a little bit of a pickle. The three cards and Pokémon in question are as follows.

Gengar and his buddy Haunter have gone out to do some scaring while in people’s dreams, it was Haunter’s turn to enter the dream this time while Gengar would hang out and guard the entrance to stop others from stealing Haunter’s prey. However, While Haunter was invading the dream of the sleeping man, A Hypno came up and, not being able to enter a dream, just started to eat the dream instead. It was at this time that Gengar noticed something odd going on with the portal and decides to see what the commotion was all about, so he leans over to check. Haunter knew his time was up but he also knew the dream eating process wasn’t too fast, so he leisurely headed back to his portal. Before departing he had to give his host one last eerie goodbye signaling his return in the future as he steps back to meet Gengar.

Special thanks to jyscal for finding and sending me the Hypno link, and special thanks to another individual who bought the gengar through me and then was willing to trade it to me haha! So stoked to not only have these cards, but also have them with amazing swirls. That Hypno has been one of my favorite cards for the longest time so it’s incredible to have this one!


Oh, the placement of that Hypno swirl is perfect! Congrats on adding it to your swirl collection. :blush:


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Shameless bump. Came back to look at the Ho-oh and the rest

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Always appreciate the love! I was wondering where the new likes on this were spawned from haha! I need to update this again. Haven’t been super active. Still check often, but not much post creation time.

Hi!!! I never expected to find you here. It was an interesting story. I really liked it.
Hypno using sleep eater, Haunter invading the dreams and Gengar waiting seems to match each other.

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@dromanyte, yep! Been spreading the love of swirls everywhere hahaha! Thanks for stopping by and appreciating what I’ve got so far. I’ve got plenty more swirls to display, just haven’t had the time to make a new post here. Maybe this week. Did you just recently join eFour I assume?

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Yes, you’re right. I just joined eFour this morning.
I knew the site in the past but I didn’t dare to join and talk about TCG cards until today.

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Awesome, glad to have you here! So long as you’re polite, and heed the rules, you’ll have an excellent time on this forum. Looking forward to seeing you around!

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E-Reader Swirl Admirers
Today’s Theme revolves entirely around my E-reader cards that depict pokemon directly admiring or looking at a swirl in some way. The top two here are my favorite. Larvitar looks to be unwilling to share his food with the new swirl invader. It’s body position looks like a kid who just denied to share with a person he/she just met.

Azumarill on the other hand, is just enjoying this frolicking piece of reflective substrate that happened upon it’s artwork. Similar to the Wiggyltuff above, this one just gives off such happy energy. Azumarill seems SO EXCITED to have a swirl friend. Fully rejoicing with arms spread wide.

Entei always has that glare that he is viewing something super profound, and this is no different. That head turn gives motion to the picture, and the swirl is natural something that seems to be in motion, so it’s perfect for this type of art. Like the wind blowing past Entei’s head stirring up dirt into a mini storm beside him. Moltres has a similar story line to it. Flight always creates turbulence, and clearly Moltres disturbed a swirl and is giving it a quick look.
This Slowking is a little bit more difficult to fully enjoy. I like it though because the swirl begins right at the precipice of the mountain. So it could be similar to The Magcargo I have with a volcano erupting in the background. Here, Slowking is just enjoying the scenery. @chrisundrum had a really solid swirl on this same slowking here. Definitely check his out as it’s a full swirl instead of my 1/4 swirl
Meganium has a simple storyline, just walking along and stumbles across an abandoned swirl on the ground. Maybe the swirl is a very appetizing flower that Meganium rarely sees, but very soon it’s going to have a delicious meal.