PC: Pokemon Trainer's Collection w/ Rotom foil POP8 promos

I recently found two of these in my local Walgreens. I had never seen them before and checked around online but came up mostly empty. I know roughly what I could flip the packs for individually, but I can’t find the promos anywhere online.

The promos are POP8 Luxio, Cherrim, and Croagunk with “Rotom foil.” I’m not quite sure what that means since I wasn’t playing (much less collecting) back then, so I was hoping you all could help me figure out if they’re worth anything :blush:

Additionally, is this the kind of thing that should stay sealed? Cellophane on the front of each box is torn, probably from being restocked year after year. It’s a bummer but worth asking.

Thanks for your help!

seems neat cant help on price but if u sell shoot me a pm :grin:

I bought several of these when they where released. But I live in Europe, they are very rare in the US I guess.

I can’t imagine that they would be worth much more than the value of the packs inside. Still a very neat find though! I love it when stores find these old blisters/boxes out the back.

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I think they call that shard foil?