Paypal Credit on eBay Purchases

Someone recently purchased 4 of my TMB VS cards at auction and he mentioned to me he used the Paypal Credit system to fund it. He mentioned he can pay the amount over 6 months without paying interest.

We dont have anything like this in the UK but to me this sound pretty good for collector who need time to pay for cards which normally they could not fund in one go especially if a buyer and seller can’t agree on a payment plan.

I usually charged a couple % on payment plans depending on the total value of the purchase but seeing this credit system card sellers could offer items privately add 10% for the extra ebay fees and sell the item to the customer through ebay. That way paypal give the full amount to the seller straight away and the buyer gets to pay it off over 6 months.

I am not sure if their are any catches to they service but it sounds like a good thing for sellers/collectors imo.

It sounds like a good if you

  1. make monthly payments on time
  2. payoff in 6 months

otherwise there is fees and interest, I think.

it sounds good but in the end but if u don’t pay it off in the 6 months u end up paying a lot more in interest and that sucks. it is just like a credit card and I HATE credit cards.

I wanted that hitmonchan so bad :slightly_frowning_face:

Ofcourse those are the basic negatives of credit but if a collector is 100% commited he will make the purchase.

Plenty of time with me and hearing from other seller people have backed out of a payment plan a couple months in which is frustrating as it is a waste of time for a seller so by doing a deal this way atleast a seller wont have the same problem doing a deal this way as its the buyers problem and responsibilty to pay the amount off within the given time.


I think this is a smart way to use that system to our advantage.

Credit cards are wonderful if you use them, instead of them using you.

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I prefer using PayPal Pay After Delivery on purchases that are $250 or less. It only gives you 14 days before PayPal automatically withdraws the amount owed from your bank account, but there’s 0 interest/fees involved for the buyer. I’ve also noticed that it takes an extra 2-3 days for PayPal to withdraw the money, if the payment is made on a Sunday, so it’s not too bad if you know you’ll have the money in 14-17 days from the payment date.

I’ll use my CC for more expensive purchases.

Edit: Must add that PAD doesn’t have a limit, unlike Credit Cards (and PayPal Credit?), since it isn’t counted as a credit line, so it can be better than Credit if used correctly :blush:

I have an up to 15,000 paypal credit line. If I want, they put the money right into my paypal. The charge is an initial one time fee. Then I can instruct them to deduct from 10-30% I believe from all payments I receive until it’s paid off.
Only used it once for fun for a couple thousand and it worked as advertised.


This is very interesting since I’ve seen stuff that i have wanted but not able to buy straight away. Will read further into this

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