Patterns on ebay

Do people find their cards jump from a low price listing to £100+ often on the last day of bidding?

The actual pricing really depends upon what you’re selling… Generally Speaking, eBay Auctions usually remain at a fairly low price-point until the final 24 Hrs (more-so the final hour, minutes, and seconds).


I only bid in the last 5 seconds of an auction to prevent getting into a bidding war and pushing the price up early in the auction. As well it prevents the seller from bidding on their own item to just below my max bid.

A lot of others also only bid in the last few moments.


Thank you lovely that’s reassuring . One of my cards is the Pokemon Card - Clefairy - Holo - 1999, as I had no bids yet I wasn’t sure when bidders will appear. Excited to list the cards.

I have found so many trying to work out the best way to list them Either individually or as upload big batches/ sets…

I just bid the max I’m willing to pay straight away. Sometimes I win, sometimes I don’t.

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As a seller you can also see how many people are watching your listing, so that gives you an idea if you might get a late bid or not

I used to also, but the shilling got bad