Passing On A Hobby To the Offspring!

Hey everyone, does anybody else collect with your kids. My 4 year old son is fascinated by the holos I pull and always wants them for himself, so I bought him his own binder and pass on the duplicates to him. He really likes Energy cards,Trainers, and reverse holos.

heres a picture of him with his binder (and my princess photobombing)


Those are the memories he’ll never forget. Keep it up:)


Definitely, i already told him that he will get all of mine when hes older. IF he learns dad’s “sacred ways of collecting” which I know he
will. I recently bought him a couple of cards that he is obsessed with. Base set PokéDex,Potion and Fossil set Mysterious Fossil!

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My son Aidan’s Pulls from last week. He’s a great kid so we bought him what he asked for, a Double Crisis 4 pack with a badge. This was the first time he opened the packs by himself, the look on his handsome little face was absolutely priceless. He definitely has better pull rate luck than myself. Check out that Kyogre!

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Kids make a great excuse when you need to convince your significant other to let you buy a collectible as well. :wink:


Lol my wife collects too!

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That handsome boy must have gotten his looks from his momma;)

@thorgene why you creepin’ bro? Haha

@KingPokemon my wife is convinced that we have cloned ourselves so no, he is the mirror image of myself :wink:

I wouldn’t let a filthy kid touch my cardboard.


Who are you talking about?

Children in general.

My son washes his hands and sleeves his cards carefully before placing them in his binder. I dont know what the “filthy kids” in your family are like, but my kids are well parented.

I thought it was obvious enough, but I guess it wasn’t. I wasn’t all too serious or accusatory with my statement.

Thanks for clarifying, milhouse.

For the record, just so there is no misunderstanding in the future. I could hate you more than anything else in the world(Don’t worry I don’t) and I would never make cracks at your children. That’s just low and has nothing to do with any sort of beef you and I, or anyone else could ever have,

No worries.

I don’t think a kid can collect cards, well not most of them anyway. Most boys don’t know how to take care of things. My nephew is 12 and destroys everything he owns. He has cards but there in “covered in grape jelly” condition. I showed him my Hoopa EX that I pulled, and it was only in a sleeve I had no toploaders. He just GRABS it out of my hands and BENDS it. It’s a $9.00 card… now it’s his. He brought it down to played condition in two seconds and I don’t want a 25 cent hoopa card so I just give it to 'em.

That’s my experience with kids and cards.

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“covered in grape jelly” condition

Best condition explanation ever.

Holy crap hes 12? My ten year old cousin has about 7 FA’s that he wants to get graded. He keeps them double sleeved and toploaded. Little fucker has a beautiful FA Lucario that I want so badly lol


You should tell him to stop double sleeving them, double sleeving cards is like using 2 condoms in the effort to have more protection. It actually makes it less protective because the sleeves rub against each other and degrade quicker, it would amplify it if put into a top loader as well.

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