Origin and estimated value of gold Pokemon cards?

I’m looking for more information on some cards my daughter acquired while at the local Goodwill here in Oklahoma.

Essentially, she bought these cards from behind the glass case for $50, but I can’t find definitive info on the set information, their true estimated value, and why they are the color they are.

Any help and information provided is greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately those are fake cards. I would try and get your money back if you can.


these cards are fake unfortunately

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As others have stated, these are fake cards and often sold out of China. They sell for $15-$20 USD for a collection of six.

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Or under $3 for a collection of six if you don’t buy them from resellers on ebay or Amazon, but directly from China.


Not to pile on, but as others have said these are not official products. They are pretty common “custom” novelties that you can find across the internet. I think they’re kind of cool for what they are - which is Pokémon card inspired engraved novelties. But anyone trying to pass them off as rare or official is scamming you.


This is so sad to read, I am so sorry, regardless of dollar value. Unfortunately, we are seeing these fakes more and more and like me as a big kid, kids get excited for the shiny cards and they are selling penny worth cards for triple the price and not disclosing them if they are fake. If your daughter has a favorite Pokemon, I would be happy to send you a legit card :).


Sheesh, what is goodwill doing pricing these at $50?!?

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The goodwill probably didnt know they were fake either. Not that I doubt they would try to sell it for 50 bucks if they knew they were fake anyways.


See what I told y’all.

Kids have been getting fake cards since the 90s. This is just common sense.

I’m referring to this kind of ‘golden’ fake cards. Not other fake cards.

Same! It’s just sad this is a thing at all. $50 can get you a whole etb.


On our local Pokemon Facebook groups (Israel) I see a post with these cards every single day.

People always ask about their value, it’s never ever anything else (sharing pulls, in a binder etc).

They sell these everywhere here in kiosks and general stores. I have no idea how they get away with this. And every seller you’d ask will say “yeah it’s from the official importer, of course it’s 100% legit”. I think they’re all clueless.

The only way to get real cards locally is at legit game stores / Nintendo stores. But I buy almost exclusively on ebay / pwcc anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


I once tried to advise an eBay seller that some of his cards were fake and that he should take them down else he would risk negative ratings later.

Instead of seeing it as helpful, he was insulted and asked me to jog on. Obviously negative ratings followed. I don’t understand how stubborn some people are.


To OP:

For your trivial info, there is really a real 24K gold Pokemon card in existence! See pic below.

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I used to do this all the time, message eBay sellers telling them their non holo Glaceon Lv.X with yellow borders is fake. They get so insulted and say it’s real because they pulled it from a pack themselves.

I stopped trying to help people out after about 10 people that had no clue what they were doing. I did have a few asking why it was fake and thanked me after I explained.


Loving the Stussy logo, spot on lol! But yes exactly, she would of got sleeves, maybe some hits, and possibly a promo for that :cry:

Yes, it is very unfortunate. Also know, “I know what I have and what it’s worth!”

Thanks! I did it with n64 colors. Just trying it out to see how it feels! :prattetoken: