Opinions on Vintage holofoil

I was thinking about holo patterns, and what I like best. So, as far as I´m aware Pokémon has used two different Galaxy-style holo-patterns (the base - fossil pattern, and everything after those sets). Then later stripes, and then ´just´ holofoil.

I was wondering if there is a consensus on what the ´best´ holofoil is (I would say the second galaxy-style) and what is the least favorite (for me the stripes). I also think it´s interesting to think about if old styles will ever come back.


The Base Set 2 - COL is usually called cosmos. I think that is generally the most preferred holo. There are some variants of it and is still used today. Japanese holos from the early sets are particularly stunning.

Theres a certain nostalgia and charm to the base-fossil holo, but i prefer cosmos by and large.

Japan has a whole assortment of cool holos and reverse holos that english never saw.

Xy and onwards holos are pretty meh to me. I think scarlet violet looks nice, but it lacks the oomf that cosmos brings


I have to say the galaxy has really been growing on me. The 3D effect is mesmerizing to look into. Sometimes the cosmos holo is like a little too much, i have some vintage Japanese where like the holo is kinda distracting when im trying to look at the card

Galaxy gives me crazy nostalgia, it looks perfect on the og sets. I do like cosmos the best personally though.
I’m not a huge fan of the more modern holofoils they’ve been using.


Yeah agreed. Nostalgia is a strong factor, and base - fossil has that pretty strong.

Such a shame that most people seem to be thinking that (modern holo sucks), yet they have been doing that for four straight gens now.

Modern holo isn’t designed to hit imo. It’s designed to be a middle ground between Commons and the rare holos that come with hot textures

Yeah, you´re probably right. Still a shame because although Galaxy holofoil feels less like middle-ground indeed, I think the newer generations still like the Full Arts better. So why not do both.

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my biggest gripe with galaxy is how foggy/distorted it looks. i like the illusion of depth to it, but overall, i’d take cosmos over galaxy any day of the week

Galaxy holds a special place with me cos of my favourite card:

the best card xoxo

All the 1st Ed & Shadowless cards had the biggest visual impact on me as a kid due to the rich colours and galaxy holofoil. I’d love for it to come back but am resigned to the idea that it’s confined to the WOTC production line history books :pensive:


Some of the best rares ever have the cosmos foil.

An awesome card indeed. That also goes for the Charizard and Blastoise, but the deep green holofoil really makes this something special.

I also love the fact that this is the most bulky looking Venusaur (I think?), yet it only has two retreat cost.


I think it’s just part of original nostalgia. Hand in hand with base set - fossil

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Cosmos made its first appearance in base set 2. Beautiful and underrated


When I recently got back into collecting I decided to focus on Japanese cards, but always wanted at least one galaxy foil card as that is what I grew up with.
I’m worried that a single English card will stick out like a sore thumb in my collection though so haven’t bought one yet.

I’m going back to my parents this summer and will hunt for my old binders and cards which would save me from buying anything, but I’m doubtful they’ll still be there (bye bye base set Blastoise and tropical islands binder…).

If I had to pick up one not so expensive card just for the galaxy foil which should it be?

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I would look at some of the Gym Heroes/Gym Challenge cards. Lt. Surges Fearow for isntance. Beautiful holo.

Gym sets have cosmos foil instead of galaxy foil so if @Drew12 is indeed after galaxy foil card perhaps a base set machamp would be a good fit, definitely a cheap one and stands out with its 1st edition stamp


Depending on which set you’d prefer to get your card from, Base through Fossil offers great value just now. In Base, both shadowless and 1st edition shadowless holos are currently underpriced, and many of the lower grades are accessible for most people.

My favourite 1st ed/shadowless cards in Base for the deep colour and galaxy foil effect are Venusaur, Chansey, Alakazam, Charizard and Gyarados. Great options for galaxy foil in Jungle are Vileplume, Pidgeot, Kangaskhan and Vaporeon (though most Jungle holos are great options), and in Fossil you have Articuno, Dragonite and Gengar which particularly stand out.

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Ah yes, good point. Keep confusing those. In that case, I would also recommend the Hitmonlee (Fossil).

Honestly, I really love both holofoil types (Galaxy & Cosmos). The most unique thing about the cosmos type is that sometimes they’ll have swirls. That’d probably be the one factor that could make it subjectively the superior holo depending on your preference. What I like most about that is how it adds a level of chase for collectors (i.e. swirl collectors, etc).

Anyway, the cosmos holo is one reason I’d look at collecting Japanese Base Set at some point. I love the English holo version, but the cosmos can look really nice on certain cards. Personally I really prefer cosmos on certain Jungle holos on the Japanese side as well, especially Vaporeon: