Opinions on this back centering?

Hey friends,

I know that not everyone here likes to PSA grade, but for those that do I was curious of your opinion on the back centering of this card. I don’t know too much about Japanese Card grading and/or the affect this centering may have on the grade. I have two photos, one I think that is good centering and the other one I think is questionable. Both cards are from Japanese Jungle Set:

Photo #1 (questionable centering):

Photo #2 (good centering): imgur.com/qHmhg97

Thanks for the help. I guess my main questions are: Is it worth sending the card with the questionable centering into PSA? and Approximately how many grades could that centering knock the card down?

-Richie L

PSA is much more lenient when it comes to back centering. Front centering is really the issue, and if your front is centered and the back isn’t horrible, you can probably still snag a 10. Centering usually knocks you down about 1 grade but sometimes more or not at all, in combination with other things like nicks and edge whitening. Newer Japanese cards (e-series on) they are more strict with centering as it is easier to get them with little to no damage at all. I would send the questionably centered card in if for nothing more than to see how it does. It’s definitely not a big no-no.

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Perfect, thank you for the reply! Yeah I think it will be a good idea to send it in to see how it does, especially since it’s pack fresh. Doesn’t seem like too many people grade Japanese Jungle (according to the PSA Pop report) I’m guessing since every pack contains a holo, but I love the Jungle Set and wouldn’t mind getting them graded.

I wouldn’t be surprised if PSA knocks it down a grade or two for cards that are off centered on the back. Out of all the Japanese cards I have sent in, only a few were similar to the one in your first picture. I feel that the cards I sent in received lower grades. My sample size is pretty limited, so take that with a grain of sodium chloride.

The second card looks perfect. I wouldn’t send in anything less, except for experimental purposes.

Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised either. I think sending it in will be a good experiment and then I can come back and post the results. Thank you for the reply!

Here is the result of that card:

looks like PSA is not big on back centering, at least for Japanese cards