Opinions and experiences buying/selling on mercari

I’ve been buying some cards on mercari, mostly singles and ungraded cards.

I’ve had one weird situation where I had to request to cancel.

One where the guy sent me the wrong cards, then the next day the correct card came with the same tracking number.

What have you guys experienced?

Overall what’s your guys opinions or experience with mercari?

I’ve sold a handful of things, it’s ok, but eBay is kinda better. However mercarí does have these benefits

  1. Can’t lowball
  2. No non paying buyers
  3. Better customer support
  4. Better return policy
    But money also takes longer to transfer, it takes a while for the money to even appear in your account, and there’s less visibility. Buying cards… kinda sucks.

Mercari is a horrible site in my opinion. If anything goes wrong Mercari wont have your back.

I bought a fake level X Luxray last year. It was my first fake card so it took two weeks to realise it was fake. Once I tried to return it Mercari refused to help. Mind you it was only a $13 card. It’s simply the principal. Anyways i ended up having to get refunded thru my PayPal once I explained the situation.

I’ll never use the site again to buy or sell. They blew it with me at least. I’m sure some people might have good experiences but after dealing with their lack of customer service and lack of empathy I just rather not give my business to them!

I’ve had some luck here and there finding deals on singles and even some sealed product from people who don’t know what they have. Overall though it’s not that good imo

From my understanding once you check the box saying you accept the item and give them feedback they release the funds to the seller. So I believe at that point the sale is final in mercari’s eyes and their TOS.

That’s kind of my experience haha.

Good- sometimes people don’t know what they have
Bad- sometimes people don’t know what they have.

“I have a creased base set 2 charizard that is silvering on the face of the card, $550 lowballs will be ignored”

It’s at least a little better than Facebook Marketplace.

What do you mean by better customer support? I ask because I emailed them 2 days ago and have yet to hear a response. :sweat_smile:

Mercari over eBay

-When you accept best offer it automatically charges the buyers card, which eliminates non-paying buyers (they still can request a cancelation though)
-No returns pass 3 days (regular days, not business days)
-Returning process is more difficult in general
-If the return is initiated you don’t pay anything from your pocket, even if you lose the case
-If you cancel any transaction there’s no fees, but canceling too much will block your account

Things that suck on Mercari
-No option to turn off the best offer button, so no way to remove low-ballers
-Price per item is limited to $2k
-You don’t get payed unless the buyer has approved your item
-Fees are no better than ebays
-No way to remove unfair feedback
-Client pool is limited

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Great points, thanks!

@trevcatchem Ya basically they finalized the sale. They didn’t care that the person sold counterfeit merchandise. Which really pissed me off. (Proxy wasn’t in the title) It’s in the past tho so no point in dwelling on it. I’ll just never personally use Mercari again. Luckily PayPal fixed it for me. Just proceed with caution y’all. If it’s past so many days and you recieved a card sent thru a paper shredder they won’t care. Deals done in their eyes…

I totally get it though. I also pay through PayPal for that little extra insurance if you will.

I hate mercari and think its interface is atrocious. I also had such a serious problem with a transaction to the point where I went to the better business bureau. I had a return problem and the seller was being uncooperative and the customer service was being mental. Everything automated and when you needed any sort of nuanced assistance, they just kept making the same mistake and I lost my mind over it. The seller first sent an incorrect label. It was sent 3 more times before I got it resolved. I won’t ever buy on there ever again out of principle.

The interface is the worst thing about it. I dare anyone to tell me it isn’t the WORST way of looking up cards and organization you’ve ever seen in your life. Go ahead, look up a specific card, sort it by active only, or any other filter, and the result quantity CHANGES. And you have to see all these 5 year old sales you don’t want to see, but if you try to filter it out you lose sight of potential results. Just the worst.


Hahaha agreed. It is miserable looking for a specific card. I’ve just been looking for deals and bundling is easier than ebay.

Not much graded stuff on there and I’d say it’s better buying graded stuff on ebay for sure.

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Yeah buying pretty much sucks. If there’s 1 word in the description of a listing it’ll show up in search results, which is why I’ve only bought 2 things


I literally have 3 searches saved.

Pokemon - sort by newest
Psa - sort by newest
Pokemon neo- sort by newest

Anything else is basically useless. I will say using it in this manner is a little better than ebay. I like how the items are laid out in gallery format rather than a list.

Id say randomly browsing I like mercaris layout. Searching for a specific psa card to round out a set I’m collecting, ebay is better.

Tried for a month or so and drove me crazy trying to buy on there. Too much work… eBay just seemed better and easier to use imo

I can agree with that in some aspects.

So I just check this website and found a few card I need, but realized it is a US only website. Is it a common thing for sellers to eventually ship to Europe on Mercari? I’m thinking about creating an account via VPN but want to check if it’s worth my time.

Think mercari is only Japan and US

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They don’t do international shipping.

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