Buying from Cardmarket, buying without seeing the scans? No response from sellers?

So I found out about Cardmarket a little while ago, and i noticed a few things:

  1. Sellers almost do not respond, or suuuuper late.
  2. There are very few listings with actual (working!) scans (so that brings me back to point 1; if you want to buy a card and need a photo, you have to message the seller. Which is no problem at all, but it would be nice getting a response :") )
    Is it only me? are the “broken” scans maybe just my computer or something?
    Do you guys buy without seeing the photo’s?
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Scans broke a few months ago - any that do not open essentially indicates that the listing is pretty old. Which is probably why the seller doesn’t reply as they are now inactive or have sold the card on ebay

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You have to buy without photos and only with an emoji that shows condition according to the seller. Saw many “good” condition cards that were extremely damaged. I really don’t have anything good to say about cardmarket but sometimes it’s the only option available for foreign.

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really? Ah man :confused:
i was so happy to find cardmarket

How do I find foreign languages? I just typed in Eevee and only see English and Japanese.

Foreign is like German, French to me

It’s mostly fine honestly. Also I have never had a seller refuse a return - the grading standards are quite strict so if something arrives that is not NM but was advertised as NM you can escalate to support and get a return authorised

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Never mind I see the country flag now, thought that meant the seller location

using the filter option! I will make a screenshot, one sec

oh u found it! yes indeed, there are two flags, and one of them is the card language, but its not always accurate though

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ooh i see, so you have bought from people without photos before?

I sell a lot on cardmarket, way way way better than using ebay.
Card gradings are up to the seller just like on Ebay/Troll/TCGplayer.

Answering questions is also up to the seller, don’t expect an answer in 1 hour would be my advice.
It’s a bit annoying getting questions for pictures for 10 cent cards,
Uploading pictures on Cardmarket/their emailsystem takes time, a lot of time.

Overal Cardmarket is a fair system. they set the shipping options which results in nobody can overcharge you for shipping. But you can only add 1 picture of your item and it takes a lot of time to do this.


no i totally get that someone does not reply in 1 or 2 hours. But some people just do not answer. At all.
and i mean… 10 ct cards… personally i agree, but people have the right to see the photos, even if its 1eu. I’d say…
Oh well. Soooo… got any eeveelution cards ;p?

And I have the right to refuse spending time on it.

Eeveelutions only graded on my sons account : jasperscards.

i get it :wink: i meant i get that you do not upload photo’s for 1 eu cards, because its appearently a pain in the ass (didnt even know!) but i meaaan when someone does ask for it, meh, i’d say, sending a photo would be the right thing to do? But i do understand that you won’t send it the same day maybe.
But overall i agree with you! And aah okay, will check it out sometimes :slight_smile:

if the card is cheap i normally only get 3 out of 10 answers if i write a message to the Seller.
1 Big Seller answered: “i sell over 30 cards a Day there is no Time for it”.
I bet most dont want to make a Picture because then you see what they understand about “near-mint” XD

You cannot upload pictures for anything below 1 euro. That’s a restriction CM made.

There are sellers who might be willing to send pictures for very cheap cards.
Just like there are sellers who do respond in 1 hour.

My over all experience with cardmarket, for what matters, Is bad.
I bought 4 times and half of them ended up being given back.
You can’t really trust card condition until you see the photos front and back.
You can always get your money back if card condition is not what’s listed and seller didn’t answer you with pics, but it’s such a waste of time (and you don’t get refound for shipping back) that’s just not worth it

My overall experience with cardmarket is pretty bad. The platform is infamous for the bad condition of the cards even though the described condition / „smiley-ranking“ described them as NM.

the platform looks like a specific marketplace for the hobby at first glance, where you’d expect some kind of knowledge from the seller, but most of them have little / no experience regarding card conditions.

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The problem comes when people use a site like cardmarket with really high expectations. The price of cards on there is often quite a bit cheaper than eBay and other platforms and for a reason.

If you use cardmarket on the understanding that you are looking for a binder copy and whatever you buy you would be happy with if it turned up one “condition grade” lower than listed (i.e it turned up as LP instead of NM) then you can’t really be disappointed. The same can be said for pretty much every website actually where you don’t see pictures of the individual card.

If you want something that really meets your expectation, look at cards on eBay and properly evaluate the sellers feedback history - do they have a history of happy customers, customers who comment that the condition is as described etc? And get in touch with them if the pictures aren’t enough for you - eBay sellers, more often than not, are quicker to respond and more helpful.


My opinion on cardmarket is quite different from the posts above. Especially for modern the cards are way cheaper than ebay or other platforms, and for those sets the condition is pretty much always mint even when it is described as near mint.
For other, more niche cards especially if they are english, ebay is cheaper anyway.
It definitely differs between sellers as well. There are definitely sellers which consistently underevaluate their cards, which then turn out to be good deals. You just have to find them.
The search bar is terrible though, you have to learn to search on cardmarket or you have to search for cards via google.

All in all, Cardmarket is great, but only for specific occasions.