Older popular deck archetypes.

Does anyone have a link or have general knowledge of the popular deck archetypes every year or so from around the year 2003 at the point of the release of “EX Ruby and Sapphire” to around 2007 with “EX Power Keepers”?

here is the bulbapedia page on it. Not 100% complete but gives you a general idea. bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Deck_archetype_%28TCG%29

Also, forum archives from pokegym and pojo would be a good place to dig through as well.

Cool thanks, most of those deck pages are blank but at least I know the archetype name for further research into decklists. Pojo is a great site I used to use a lot a over a decade ago lol (anyone remember pojo magazine?), a ton of good info on there… I don’t know much about pokegym but I’ll check that out too. Thanks for the info! If anyone else knows anything feel free to chime in.

I actually kinda remember this one haha. This one is awesome, it reminds me of the classic buzzapdos deck. The idea of actually making Lugia EX playable was really cool lol. Thanks for the post.

I just realized, I have a few Pojo posters back when they gave sneak peaks of the second generation of Pokemon. XD Doubt they’re worth much though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome man, yea Pojo was THE source for pokemon TCG stuff when it first came to the states, and the Northeast metagame. I still have all the magazines, if you could post a couple pictures of some of the posters that’d be awesome!

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I’ll definitely search through my basement and get back to you on that. If memory serves me right, as a kid, me and my sister used to deface anything and everything Pokemon book/poster related as a “check mark” for had, “circled” for what we wanted, and “x-ed out” for what we didn’t want.

I’m pretty sure these posters suffered from a similar fate but will look nevertheless! XD

I used to write for the Pojo Pokemon magazine. I still have the issues myself, plus the articles on a backup drive. I might get around to re-releasing my articles one of these days. :blush:


That’s awesome man, I most likely read all your articles when I was younger then haha.