Old collector that started collecting again.

Hello friends. Welcome to my first post.

It was around 17 years ago when I started collecting Pokemon cards. I remember the first time I bought 4 packs at the shop and in my last pack got the almighty Charizard. It was an amazing feeling and I was overwhelmed with offers from people trying to buy/trade me for it. After growing a nice collection over a few years I “grew up” and decided Pokemon cards were not cool and sold them all.

Nearly 17 years later I decided to collect the base/jungle/fossil sets which I bought and then I was introduced to PSA grading. At first I was amazed that the PSA grading process was out there and then I started to wonder what my cards would grade at. I read the PSA guidelines and did a lot of research and then realised my sets where not considered top quality and this bugged me…

Approximately 1 Year later I have made some PSA card purchases that I would like to share with you. I have been lurking on this forum for a year or so and I thought it was about time to share my collection and hopefully make some new friends.


Collecting over the last year has made me pretty happy and I am planning on making some more gen one purchases in the future.

Thank you for reading.


Welcome into the light, lovely PSA cards mate! :blush:

Absolutely love those Gem Mint CD Promo Starters. Good choice of comeback cards. Keep it up and welcome to The Fourum.

Very nice selection of graded cards. :sunglasses:

Your 1st ed. Blaine’s Charizard confuses me a lot, how can cert number start with 9 when modern cards are 2xxxxxxx? Maybe I’m just missing something, hopefully someone can enlighten me… :nerd_face:

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Thought about that too but didn’t wanna say anything x’D

Fixed the image links for ya - just need to add .jpg to the current imgur links you had to fix them.
Awesome PSA cards! I’ve always loved that Rocket’s Zapdos.

WoW thanks for all the nice comments.

justinator - thanks for fixing the picture links.

Blaine’s Charizard - No idea why the PSA number starts with a 9, it seems to check out on their website… Has anyone got any idea how this might happen? I was thinking incorrect data entry perhaps. 9 is next to 0 on the keyboards and it probably should be 00 at the start? I am not sure if pokemon even started when PSA was using 00 at the start?

The gym cards are some of my favourite and I think the art work is amazing on them. I plan to buy around 15 more PSA 10’s from various gen 1 sets in the next few months and also plan to complete my 1st ed. shadowless base set (still need 24 cards for that).

I will post pics once complete.


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Nice start. Keep it up:)