Official Pokemon card frames to be released on July 9th

TPC will start selling official card frames for your Pokemon cards on July 9th, available in Pokemon Center stores (not sure if only in Japan or globally). Price will be 1,200 yen each (about $10). Each frame has a metal foot to prop it up. The frames are screwed together to hold the cards securely. Source

Here are the designs:

Card frames are an awesome addition to the official TCG merch! It also shows once more that TPC is aware of the collectors, not just the players. And since the frame designs are really well done (imo), this is a great alternative to slabs, as it looks much cleaner and classier.
What do you think of the designs? Will you get some of those frames? And if so, what cards do you plan to display in them?


Lovely idea!

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I’m a fan, I like the Pokeball design and the black frame especially. These will be perfect for displaying some of my higher end/favorite binder cards whenever I feel the need. Maybe I’ll grab 3 of the Pokeball design for the Big 3 and a black frame for my Neo Rev Houndoom :blush:

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frames are nice, but i’m waiting for TPCI to announce their card grading service


These look really nice. If I had any cards with autographs on this is exactly how I’d want to display them.

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Aslong as I can fit a card in sleeve in it we good. Look forward to have one in hand.


I actually like these more than my PSA holders lmao


These are wicked! I’m glad you shared, as I’m looking for displays right now (I’d rather save my $ for these bad boys).

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Exactly the first thing I thought of. The fit looks tight judging from the pics above.

Love the Pokeball design! Have a few cards in mind that would look great in that.

These are cute! It’s interesting to see Pokemon move outside of its traditional merch route and respond to a popular secondary market product. We don’t normally see that kind of risk-taking move.

I wonder if they have a UV protection coating.


Really classy. I like them a lot.

These are going to be so nice for those cards that you want to encapsulate but are psa 5-7 range and aren’t worth grading. Super stoked about these!

Not going to work as well for non-Japanese quality control lol. A standard Flashfire holo won’t fit with their weird corners.

Overall I love it - I hope that they keep iterating on these! Please include some form of UV protection.

Super cool idea, I have a few cheap cards displayed at home that I really like and these will definitely replace all those ugly card savers and toploaders haha

Thanks for the idea! :grin:

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Do these have UV protection? They might not be appropriate for autographs. An UV protective film should be applied if they do lack UV protection and you still want to use them. TPC and the grading companies need get behind whatever ultra pro is using for their affordable one touches.


@assassin5757, I doubt they will have UV protection. UV protective film is a good idea though.

So far, not sooo good. Good concept although not their own with uninspiring fronts. They might have looked at the way more beautiful Prismatic God Box cases Yu-Gi-Oh! made just before and realized the time to capitalize on this by getting product out quicker ala TPCi product.

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