Thoughts on Extended Art Card Frames

How do you feel about extended art card frames?

Poll Results:
  • I love them
  • I like them
  • I am indifferent
  • I dislike them
  • I hate them

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PokeMinh is a major seller in this area, and I will showcase some of their products down below. I do not have an affiliation or financial relationship with PokeMinh.


It’s not for me, but good for them making a product that people will spend $tupid money on.

Love the display itself but not a fan of the extended art at all.

If I could do something like this legally I would, very much copyright infringement without licensing the artwork haha. By far one of my favorite types of displays, I think they’re absolutely gorgeous.

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I added a poll to see where we all stand. :slight_smile:

Curious on your reasoning. I think the idea is really cool, just the execution is not as good as I’d like.

Not a fan of most forms of exterior embellishment but I like how the card is accentuated from the frame. Always liked to look of stuff like one-touch and screw-down cases as well as the official ones.

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Some can look nice for display, not a fan of the ones that try to add to the original work, overall I think theyre fine if thats what you like but they seem too gimmicky to me.

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I really like them, to be honest. I see them as an occurrence in which fanart and custom manufacturing beautifully integrated official artwork and product. A nice collaboration for a newer piece of art.

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I gotta have the card first before I even consider wanting the frame :melting_face:

Ok, well I do have the Vaporeon shown but I chose “indifferent” as the extended art frame doesn’t really any any value to me on top of just having the card itself. I would personally prefer to use the $25 towards grading the card instead if I wanted to protect it. Honestly though, even if I had a Moonbreon it would just go right into my binder anyways, and probably live there forever.

They’re not for me but I think they’re a nice option if you were to pull an alt art but not in a gradeable condition, but still want to show it off still in something other than a cardsaver / toploader,

Also it’s better that the creator is actually making a unique product to frame cards rather than making the 500th grading company

Perhaps a related and relevant question… would your mind change if you were a child/adolescent in 2022 collecting Pokemon cards?

Yes, because the idea of having a card in any frame would be anathema. :joy:

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11 year old me would be too wrapped up in trying to find my next pack to rip over getting anything else.


If this was officially sponsored by TPC then I would love it.

Because it has no affiliation with TPC and probably is a form of copyright infringement, I am completely against this and would never buy one.

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As an artist myself there’s something about “expanding” someone else’s art as a way to “improve” it that really rubs me the wrong way. I think the idea is neat but especially seeing it executed without the the same skill as the original artist just makes this feel cheap.

Case in point you can see on the Leafeon one that they made the horizon curve for no reason on the extended art section when it doesn’t do that in the card art.


I’m in the “do not like camp”. I have always felt the focus should be on the original card/art, and what is used to display the card should make the art the focus. I feel those extended art frames don’t enhance the card, but take away from the original art. The only times I would consider an extended art frame would be for my 8 year old niece and put in one of her favorite Pikachu holo’s.
Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 11.03.36 PM

Definitely lots of copyright infringements going on with what’s on the marketplace, wouldn’t be surprised if they get a letter eventually…

Those cases are pretty cool. Personally, as long as the extended art has no border, or a neutral colored boarder, I’m gonna be all for 'em. IF, however, they have a magic school bus yellow border… naw, bro. GIve me the inner frame.

I think they look good. I think this is actually not a case of copyright infringement though, what exactly is being infringed here?


I wouldn’t necessarily consider every frame infringing, but one like this where they are drawing the Pokemon on the frame I would consider infringement.

I’m no expert, but having navigated IP infringements in the past, I could see TPCi having grounds to initiate a cease and desist as they could be considered derivative works based on the original artwork.

I imagine TPCi lawyers are pretty good at navigating, but not sure they would pursue unless it started running rampant with many copycats popping up…