Oct 20th - Oct 26th, 2014 - Energy Cards Week!

Card of the week - Oct 20th - Oct 26th, 2014****Energy Cards!

Thought I’d try something a bit different week and give a spotlight to Energy Cards. There are some pretty awesome Energy Cards and my favourite are the EX Emerald prints.

Which Energy Cards are your favourites?

Was tempted to have the Commemorative Pack one as the OP picture.

the Physic ones for me

I always liked the EX Emerald Energy most, but then I saw the 2002 Festa Energy. :grin:

I’ve got a binder just for energy cards! I like collecting all the holo and rev holo energies.

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I love the Psychic one as a regular energy but I’m a little surprised this wasn’t the representation!

This was my favorite energy card back in the day. Not only was it useful, but the design was really well done!

Rainbow energy is an old favorite. I realllly really like the festa energies (boost warp and crsytal)

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VS rainbow energy is simply gorgeous. As far as basic energy goes though, my vote would have to be with ex Emerald energies.

Ex Emerald energies and the Festa energies are my favorites ^^

When did they make holo versions of those energy cards??? So cool

Now that I think about it, I seriously prefer ADV EX1 (Team Magma v. Team Aqua) Energy over EX Emerald. :stuck_out_tongue:

Guangjoe the base style holo energies were made for the very first pokemon leagues in the USA.