Obscure Pokémon merch?

I’ve been on the lookout for obscure wotc pokemon merch. Bags, posters, shirts or anything out of the ordinary or in the ordinary. If that makes sense.

Share your obscure pokemon merch. Whether wotc or not. Would love to see what’s out there!


I mean it’s not really obscure, but the Pokémon glue sticks and Pokémon Shampoo we got in the last years in Germany are on the rather random side of collaborations at least by European metrics


Ooh! Love them!

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There was this snack here in Italy (and maybe other countries?) called “Mr Day”, giving all kind of Pokemon themed surprises. Well, I was a fan really and it was crazy good:



Rubber mini figures


Then these pokemon crown caps from Yoga (a juice brand)


I think they were also giving these lenticular cards, but i’m not that sure


And these recent cringey bottles from Levissima (Italian water brand) lol


So this is an obscure one!

You can plug it in a landline phone and it’ll change the phone ring tone to a marill… supposedly!!

(if anyone can help me to get it to work without a landline / is good with electronics, please reach out as I’m so curious to see if it can be repurposed!)


Okay that’s awesome

This is what this thread was made for :heart_eyes_cat:

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These tins kinda remind me of the ones used for fake TCG products with Ash on them lol. The crown caps are nice though, James would be proud.


Not WotC, but def the weirdest merch that I currently want.

As well as these from a different collection that was also focusing on tongues…


I’m obsessed with that scarf! It’s literally perfect

Welch’s pokemon jelly!

(not my pics)

Since they’re glass they got reused as cups in my house until the pictures got washed off! I remember having the Charmander for a really long time.


Right? I normally don’t dabble with anything outside of cards, but the muffler was the 1st thing I saw that I absolutely have to get eventually. The Plush looks great, but my hope is that the Sitting Cutie coming out this year will be similar and I won’t have to track down the Berobe one.

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I still have my Clefairy one!

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A true blast from the past, Grosvenor bubble bath bottle from 1999.


1999 was the vibe

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They should make some again. Would love to have a set

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ohhh the eeveee one!! Can i easily buy this online or do i need a german middleman lol

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Auch, all that nostalgia hit me very hard, bro


I know that Amazon.jp ships internationally, so maybe Amazon.de does too? In that case: Here

Don’t know if the Pokémon on them are random though.

There’s also a different colored Eevee stick in this product: UHU Flinke Flasche Klebstoff Leim Pokemon Renature + Zugabe UHU Stic Magic blue | eBay

And the larger bottle with Eevee as well: UHU Klebestift, FliFla Pokemon Edition Schule Klebstoff 8,2g, 21g Sets und 40g | eBay

Oh yeah and also I believe the sticks were available in three different sizes, so a “Master Set” of them might be not so easy to get (can’t believe that I’m talking about glue sticks that way xD)


Anyone know where I got this 1999 Jigglypuff mask I’ve had since childhood?