NON mint Base 1st Holos

So I might be trading for these 4 Base Holos, and based on the pics, what would people say are reasonable values?

I am not an expert in Wotc holos, and its especially difficult with cards not being Near Mint.

I’m also unfamiliar with grading cards with PSA any worse than a 9 or 10, so I’m wondering what grades these look like, and if they’d be worth grading then/what they’d be worth?

I appreciate any information on this :blush:

There are no pics friend

True, no pics! Oh btw,I got a semi when I saw that Umbreon avatar :heart_eyes:

Wow I’m a scrub

Im no expert and dont really know grades or values, but what are you trading for them? thats the main question.

Magneton 8 OR LESS
Raichu 8 OR LESS
Alakazam 9 OR LESS
Ninetales 8 OR LESS

This is only based on centering and white edges. Unfortunately there’s so much you can’t see in photos.

I would say all will be graded 8 or less, there are also scratches on the holo foils. I think most of them would be looking around 7-8 range but as Gary said there is so much you might not be able to see in these pictures. Maybe the seller would take photos with a flash on the camera? Sometimes this can highlight scratches you can’t see normally.

Prices can differ a fair bit looking on ebay sold listings you could be talking anywhere from £45 to £130 depending on the card and the grade it receives. (if the cards don’t receive less than a 6 or more than a 8)

well the thing is the person is doing a “bulk trade” with me, with the point system in my trade thread, and they wanted values on these, which obviously go for way more than regular holos.

so thats why I’m trying to go by monetary value here

Assuming these cards are in the 6-7 range, am I better off selling ungraded?

Yeah, based on that, but if they are all 5-7, is it better off selling raw on ebay?

I can see the scratches on the holo pretty clearly on my phone, and what I identify as some moderate surface wear as well. Magenton & Raichu are both in the 6 range, and Alakazam and ninetales have a little higher chance of grade 7.

Base 1st edition holos are the exception in that only PSA grade 6 and under equate roughly that of the raw value, whereas collectors of almost all other sets typically seek 9 or higher.

So yes it would be better financially speaking to sell as raw cards. They all fall within the $50-$90 range in a general retail environment.

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