Non-English Topps

Hey all,
I am looking to collect all of the topps cards and I have a fair amount of the non English ones missing.

I’ll offer
25USD Non holo set
70USD Holo set

Prices go down with condition and percentage of set

These are the sets I know to exist:
Series 1 (French)
Series 1 (French) Silver Foil
Series 1 (German)
Series 1 (German) Silver Foil
Series 1 (Italian)
Series 1 (Italian) Silver Foil
Series 1 (Spanish)
Series 1 (Spanish) Silver Foil
Series 2 (French)
Series 2 (French) Silver Foil
Series 2 (Italian)
Series 2 (Italian) Silver Foil
Series 2 (Spanish)
Series 2 (Spanish) Silver Foil
Johto Series 3 (French)
Johto Series 3 (French) Silver Foil

I heard of a few others but I am not sure. Information is always appreciated :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for any help.


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Cool never realized these were in different languages as well.

German full set for $25 plus ship though.

Thanks. I acutally just picked up a box from that guy.

Hey @samsamsamsmsms I think this is a sealed French series 2 if you are interested.

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Maybe Spanish? I am not sure but I assume these may be hard to find and thought I would share.

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you have a really good eye. I looked at that auction a couple of times and did not notice the box had french text on it. Thanks for that. I am gonna get it now. I was honestly a little worried about the french sets since they seem to have crazy prices for their cards and the condition is never very good.

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No prob. I am going for an English one so came across it. Don’t bid me up on that English auction ending tonight! Haha

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Here may be something else?

Spanish or French? I am not sure.

those have french text on the box and packs, and the packs are rack packs. The cards are just english though

Hey Sam,
I’m collecting all the topps Butterfree Variations to provide high scan of all the variations that exist for the Series1 and also a few new variations not yet known by the community and I can confirm that there is 3 missing regional language set on your list if you want to get them all :slight_smile:

Series 1 - Spanish(Argentina)
Series 1 - Spanish(Spain)
Series 1 - Portuguese(Brazil)

If you have a :
Series 1 - Portuguese(Portugal) Butterfree I would be really interested as this is the one I’m still missing.

Have an awesome day.
Daniel Girard Bolduc

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