No call, no text, no show. I hate people.

Last night I was supposed to meet with this lady to look at a collection, all details were in stone and agreed upon, and she never showed up.

The lady contacted me first about her collection she had from when she was young that she was looking to sell. She told me a little about it and we were in steady contact via text message for two days about details and pricing and all other various conversations that are held in any typical deal being worked out. Yesterday evening we agreed upon a time and a public place to meet for me to check it all out. At around 530pm we had agreed to meet at a dunkin donuts at 845pm, so three hours in advance. The dunkin donuts was one way 45 minutes and 35ish miles from me and one way about 25 minutes and 20ish miles from her. So she had the better end of the deal for the driving portion.

In our talks, based on her description of what she had, I made her aware that her collection could be worth anywhere from a couple hundred to over a thousand dollars based on the conditions and what cards she had.

The area code of her phone number matched the area she said she was from (which was an hour from my house). And she was familiar with the area we were meeting in, so I dont think this was some kind of out of state scammer or something.

So I showed up at the dunkin donuts at 8:41pm (4 minutes early, go me!..) and immediately texted her to let her know I was there and where I’d be waiting. So I wait… and wait… and wait… getting excited with every car that pulls in then getting let down when it’s not the chick i am waiting on. So at 9:11pm I call her (30 minutes of waiting) and get no answer. I leave her a kind voicemail letting her know I’m still there and inquiring about her estimated time of arrival. I decided I’d wait til 9:15pm, then I’d leave. Needless to say in the 4 minutes after the call I made to her she didnt show… I went home really pissed and let down. As of this typing at 11:04am i still have not heard from her.

People freaking suck so hardcore. This lady was aware she could potentially be making over a thousand bucks, why would you not show up for that?

She was well aware we were going to be in a well lit public restaurant with cameras, in a busy area, right off a major us highway. I dont think safety could be it?

The possibility she like died or got in a car accident on the way or lost her phone are all there I fully realize, but they are unlikely. On the news this morning I heard of no horrid car accidents or local deaths. The only thing I can rationalize is she lost her phone. Not to sound sexist, but it seems like most women in their 20s are glued to their phones. Based on the cards she told me about and it being her childhood stuff she would have most likely been in her early to mid 20s. She always replied almost instantly so I think this was the case. Other then that I dont see why she wouldn’t show.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been stood up either. Each time it happens it gets a little more irritating. Especially when I drive a good distance away for the meet.

I just cant figure out why people dont show up, or even have the common courtesy to let me know they will be late, need to reschedule, or have changed their mind; especially when they are the ones who will be getting the pay day. And especially especially when they are the ones that contacted me!

I’m slowly losing faith in humanity. It’s very sad.

That sucks. When I very very very first got into this hobby, I was sniping everything left and right on letgo and offerup app, lol. One day, I found this girl selling a shadowless ivysaur and wartortle and talked her down to $5 for both. I was super stoked and we lived in neighboring apartment complexes, so I thought it was a done deal when she said to meet at the UDF in 5 minutes… she never showed.

I was heartbroken about it as a noob just getting back into the hobby. Now I look back and find it hilarious, lol. I can only imagine how irritated you felt getting bailed on with a more valuable purchase.

This is like the second or third time you’ve ranted about Craigslist…

Why are you still wasting your time on there? In all my years of collecting Pokemon, I’ve had one legitimate transaction that was actually worth the time and effort I put into it.

other than that, everything else has been a waste or someone trying to scam.


Cause for every two or three bad experiances I’ve had, theres about 20 good experiences to go along with them. The other ones I have posted about were straight scams, this thread here was a different case. Probably 80% of the gnarliest stuff I own has come from craigslist!

Now that just flat out is super lame to bail and no show on a 3 minute walk to meet haha

Last year a seller died the next day after he sent me the shipment.

UPS requested additional information for the customs clearance process. A few days after not being able to reach him, I managed to find his landline number and his wife answered the phone. I was shocked.

Wow that is crazy… Very very sad. That’s something you never think about

Why was the meeting so late?

maybe it was a ruse to get you to buy donuts!

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Flunkin’ Showups


She said she got off work at 8, and where she said she worked is about 45 minute from where we were supposed to me. I was not very thrilled to meet that late on a work night, but for what could have been an awesome deal I did!

Haha wouldnt that be something? If it was jokes on them cause I didn’t buy any donuts haha

Punkin’ Nonuts


Did she send any pictures Mike?.

She probably had second thoughts about selling her collection and is now on the path to becoming our newest efour member!


Nope she never did. Early on in our discussion I asked if she would be willing to send pictures and she said yes. She said on Wednesday evening that she’d “send them tomorrow”. I never got any pictures Thursday and didnt bother to ask since we were supposed to meet that evening anyway. Still havent heard back from her!

Haahahahahaha that would be one heck of an outcome!

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She probably heard you changed your profile picture and decided not to show up

Nope, cant be that. The change happened days after the tragic event occured!

This may not be the gift you expected, but it’s the one you deserve, sorry Mike. Proceed with caution mate.
Seemed like a tinder troll, did you exchange photos? Dosen’t matter now, but it’s possible a horns effect was likely I hate to say.