No 6 free grade voucher

So i decided to eventually register for a PSA membership. I went with the Gold level and made payment.

Was very exciting time as i could grade cards myself and also send in quite a few during a monthly special.

So i made the order on the 01/08/16 and i received the package today 01/29/16. I opened took the t-shirt, magazine, couple of card savers and a few leaflets out but i saw no voucher for the 6 free grades.

The invoice shows $119 for the membership. Then it shows $49.50 for Collectors Club Vouchers and then underneath this, it shows -$49.50
So does this mean they have not given me the 6 free grades?
I’ve checked the package 5 times now, i also checked each page of the magazine in case it was inside there but nothing.

I’m really disappointed and angry, was looking forward to use the grades :slightly_frowning_face:

i’m just scanning my invoice to email to PSA and hopefully they reply soon.

Has anyone else had this sort of problem?

The voucher is usually attached to a welcome letter.

i haven’t received that. The invoice hasn’t got any staple holes to indicate there was something attached to it

OK so bit of an update

I called PSA and spoke to customer service who told me that PSA now send the free grade voucher code via email.
They said the email usually gets sent after membership has been ordered, i checked my emails and i did not received one so she gave me the code over the phone and hopefully will forward me the email as well as look into why it didn’t come through.

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Glad it was worked out. Small mistakes and miscommunications like this are simply unavoidable when you’re dealing with so many customers. It happens very frequently where I work and you just work through them as they roll in.

Hopefully you were patient and kind with the employee on the other end who was just doing their job. :blush:


Yeah i guess things like this do happen. it was just that i was very excited then BAM! no voucher lol
I’m very patient with customer service most of the time and the lady was very helpful.

I didn’t know that the vouchers went digital and wasn’t informed when ordering the membership so i think that had a lot to do with my frustration but all is good now :blush:

Its wasnt digital when I renewed mine last february so thats something new for me.

Actually you have good reason to be frustrated. The change should have been advertised.

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