Nicks Collection….original yeah?

Hi E4!

My names Nick I’m from the UK.
After lurking the forum for the past 2/3 years. And seeing all the fantastic posts, reads and collections big and small. I’ve decided to make my own collection thread. And if I can’t share my cards with you where can I?

Throughout this thread you will not see many graded cards. I’m not a massive fan of graded due to the timing i think of picking up the hobby. Just before the pandemic. And then obviously, pricing, wait times, shutdowns the boom in getting the cards themselves before you even thought about sending them out. Crazy!

And to be totally honest I’m a 35 year old child. Yes sure cards in slabs look great on display…all for it! But nothing beats opening a binder and seeing your favourite cards looking back at you.

I do try to collect NM/M as i can. But the odd ones are literally from my childhood so they have seen many a hand or floor lol.

You will see cards, decks, the odd sealed item, from various points in time where I collected and played as a child 99/2001 to my teenage years where I briefly dipped back in with Gamboy Fire Red / Leaf Green. And to more recent, where I just collect what I like. Simple as that.

Starting me off today without doubt is one of my favourite sets. Vending. I love the artwork, the Masaki Campaign as a whole and how closely it was linked to the OGs Red and Blue.

My favourite series is series 1.
It has everything. The starters, Pikachu, Eevee, Mewtwo and competition artworks like Mr.Mime, Snorlax and Poliwrath.

Please share your thoughts on this set. Hope you enjoy.


Welcome to Efour! I noticed you’ve made two collection threads with almost the same text, so I’ve deleted the one without pictures. Enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

And great Vending Series 1 collection! I personally have vending series 3 complete, but all three of them are amazing.


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The vending sets are such outstanding cards. What a treasure.

They also look really good in these 12 pocket pages. These page formats really tickle something in my brain. After so many years of only seeing cards in 9 pocket pages it really alters the presentation significantly to see a different format.


Always nice to get another binder collection appreciator, indeed the feeling of opening one of your favourite binders always feels incredible :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

Almost forgot to add these bad boys

Without doubt some of the best vintage Japanese cards around super fortunate to have them, not sure I’d ever grade them though, all suffer from the Masaki imprint :rofl: but look amazing in a binder.

Below are some of my personal favourites from the set, although that changes every time I look lol

I think tonight the deck memo card and Kabuto are winners


Yes I’ve fiddled around with 9 pockets too but I think the 12 suits this set best. Looks great.

Cheeky little update it’s been a couple months.
A couple of personal grails acquired! Love love love my Mewtwo :purple_heart: aka the goat.

Mewtwo bust statue 1:1 scale
Number 2/9 certified.

Created and hand made by a brilliant Brazilian artist I came across on IG purely by accident Nov 21.

With Masterball Replica because why wouldn’t you?

Thanks for looking!


Always nice to to acquire grails. The case looks badass with the purple lighting!! And the bust is amazing

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