New to Site Looking to complete a PSA 9 1st edition base set

Hi everyone, I am new to the website and have been collecting pokemon cards since I was a wee lad. I am looking to complete a PSA 9 1st edition base set with the three different art 1st edition booster packs in PSA 9 as well.

I am having trouble finding the 1st edition venusaur art booster in PSA 9 1st edition. Anyone out there who can help?

Also since I am relatively new to collecting investment grade cards does anyone have any advice?

Thanks and Happy New Year!

I have several PSA 9 sets but I rarely sell them since they’re only a part of my collection.
I guess if the price is right I would or at least fill in some of your holes.
Send me message…
Also, ebirdman is a good option. His email addy is

Always remember that higher end cards (or anything really) are only worth what someone else is willing to pay you for them. Keep that in mind if you think you will want to sell your collection at some point.
Welcome to the site!

Thanks a lot for all the information. Do you guys know of anywhere to get a PSA 9 1st edition Venusaur art booster pack? One of the cards I have been looking for for a while is a PSA 9 1st edition poliwrath. They never seem to go for a fair price on eBay.