It’s been a long time since I’ve been on a forum, but I stumbled upon this one and was interested enough to join. It is intriguing to see names like cbd1235 and professional_sports_authenticators here as I have bought cards from them on ebay in the past.

Anyway, I’ve been collecting Pokemon cards pretty much my whole life, but I haven’t made any serious purchases until about a year ago. Currently I’m trying to collect the entirety of the first edition base set, PSA graded at 9 (because 10 is a little out of the price range for a university student); I’m about 50% of the way there.

Since I am relatively new to higher-end collecting, I was hoping to pick up a few pointers from here as well as maybe becoming part of a friendly community? :blush:

Hi PkmnFlyingMaster, here you will find experienced and friendly as they will help you.
I hope you complete your collection. :blush:

A PSA 9 1st Edition Base Set? I think you’ll fit in just fine here! haha

Hi again. This is Gary professional_sports_authenticators.
Nice to see you on here. Have fun:)

Thank you, it will take time but I’ll complete it eventually :blush:

I can see a lot of people here are into Japanese promos and the like. Hopefully I can find a niche here.

Hello again, about a year ago I bought 6 or 7 PSA 8/8.5/9 holographic 1st ed base set cards from you. They are mounted on my wall at the moment with a few others I’ve managed to collect since then. The 8.5 Mewtwo I got from you is currently the only one in the world, and I thank you for giving me that unique bragging right. :wink:

Hey there :blush: I wonder what I’ve sold to you! That is great though :blush:

I also collect a lot of 1st edition base set cards, and there are a few other members who do too. For me, those are the most nostalgic pieces. Not to mention they are a fantastic investment.

Is that your set on the PSA set registry? If so you’re well on your way to have the entire set graded Mint 9. If there’s anything I can do to help then I’d love to.

Looking forward to seeing your collection grow.

-Jason (cbd1235)

Yeah, that is my set on the PSA set registry. To be honest, I was surprised it is that highly ranked. You’re still ahead of me though, I see :wink:

I bought my PSA 9 Bulbasaur from you about a year ago - and I’m not sure if it was you but I think I may also have gotten my PSA 8 Venusaur and PSA 8 Chansey from you too. I know I got those included under the table with something I ordered and I’m pretty sure it was with the Bulbasaur.

I definitely remember now, those all came from me :blush: you got a steal considering what the Venusaur and them are going for now :blush:

Venusaur was one of those base set cards I never really had as a child, I was very happy to finally get it :blush:

And yes, I got it at a good price, so I thank you for that :wink:

Nice cards…

Those definitely came from me :blush: