New Smash Ultimate Trailer! Featuring ABRA!?

This game looks SICK! One of the coolest things in the trailer above though is the addition of Abra to the pokemon released by pokeball and Alolan Exeggutor.

Abra will levitate around the stage and teleport players into harms way or to just random places.

Alolan Exeggutor will act as a giant wall whereever he appears, cutting off sections of the stage and separating players.

Still waiting to hear if pokefloats will make a comeback as a stage, but over 100 stages are now included in this game with “stage switch” as a mode where the stages switch in the middle of a match!


Added fighters include King K Rool, Simon Belmont and a few clone characters, including Chrom.



Thanks for posting, I just watched the entire video. This game is going to sell consoles!

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I’m hyped for Simon Belmont and K.Rool :grin:

20:15 is where the Pokemon starts.

pssstttttt… hey kid… you wana buy an Abra?

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Nice, looks like they incorporated some Monster Hunter! Man I hate Nintendo Switch, now I might have to get one…

I need to get a Nintendo switch!! They are the best party game console!!