New Pokemon Center Sitting Cuties Plushes

I just went to the Pokemon Center website and just saw they put up the first wave from their new “sitting cuties” line! I read about these a couple months ago and I believe they plan to make all the original 151 Pokemon as smaller beanie plushes. As a plushie collector I’m super excited because I can now look forward to picking up some species I’ve never seen in plush form. I just picked up a sitting cuties Rattata, Ekans, Farfetch’d, Shellder, Omanyte, and Poke’Plush Chansey.

Is anyone else here a Pokemon plush collector or looking forward to picking up any of these? I think I’m gonna go wait by my front door now until they arrive! :stuck_out_tongue:


I love my Pokemon plushes, and I especially love the “less cute” Pokemon being featured in a cute style…I’ll have to check these out! Not sure what plushes are on my radar at the moment, probably any Pokemon center official shinies. (Love my Mimikyuu!)

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I am definately wanting kangaskahn, sandshrew, sandslash, persian, polygon, and staryu. my wallet says no right now, but the first wave came out months ago in japan.

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I don’t collect most of these species, but the design makes me want to buy all of them! The pokemon center plushes are quality and affordable!


Quite a few of them are already sold out.

This batch Butterfree Muk Starmie and a few others are done already!

The new releases in the japanese Pokemon Center are out of control! I am going to buy at least half of those, they look so good!

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It’s definitely even more exciting when you see so many more listed together on the Japanese site! RIP wallet inc.

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Wow, after seeing those releases I’m just preparing for a huge order.

They came today! Oddly though, the US Pokemon Center has been sending my plushes lately via Amazon. They also used one box per plush. There were SO many boxes between these and the other things I ordered online that also came today. :laughing:

This bottom picture shows the sitting cuties with my 8.5’’ Poke’plush Chansey that also arrived today. Everything is so soft and cute!

Can’t wait to get more of these!


@khairis They ship through amazon. I messaged their customer service about combining shipping, as the individual boxes are so tedious for everyone involved. I woke up to 120 packages the other day. It took 4 hours to open and break down everything. :dizzy_face:


Sounds like USPS had to dispatch a whole truck dedicated mostly to you! ><

It filled the entire large van! Luckily my mailman knows me, the post office was going to call for me to pick up the packages. :relieved:

P.O. is like, “Hope you brought a U-Haul.”

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Here is a photo I took of some.

They are awesome and cute! Nice small size.

Ive found that smaller plush usually are more popular, with girls and collectors.
They are easier to store and display, and are cuter.

Size doesn’t always matter fam :wink: