So excited!
Skyla, Milotic, Victini and Eevee all had one baby!

It’s cute but the one thing I don’t like is that it doesn’t scream one certain type like all of the others. It screams normal type to me, but we know that’s not it. Lol

My reaction when I saw it: “What the hell is that?!” It looks nothing like eevee! With its bow tie and pink color they are now trying wayy to hard to try and appeal to a female audience. Just let the cuteness of a pokemon speak for it self…as another forum member once put it.

Pokemon like this are exactly why I said this.
I’m hoping that maybe this new one will surprise me and be more practical than I had expected. I doubt it, but I’ll wait for its reveal to overly criticize it.

Not a fan of it at all. To me it looks like a fighting type though like Mienshao.

That is an awful name… Sylveon

This is why I’ve stuck with the 1st and 2nd gen only, all others seem too silly to me, but IMO of course I know others love some of the newer gens and I respect that.