Neo Revelation Double Holo - 1st Edition vs Unlimited

Hey all,

It’s evident the holo bleeds (double holo) for Neo Revelation are much more common in the Unlimited printing than the 1st Edition.

I’m trying to purchase the 1st Edition Houndoom but it rarely comes up for public sale. The most recent was a PSA 8 that sold on ebay in March 2022 for $1,225:

Do you think the premium for this is warranted that much? Is the 1st Edition error that much more coveted/rarer?


It’s always hard to determine “premiums” when it comes to these sorts of things because they are so niche. It doesn’t really matter what you or I think. It basically just comes down to finding the right person who REALLY wants that holo “variant,” if you can call it that. Kind of like Gray Stamps. To some people, they are worth no more than a regular stamp, but others will gladly empty their wallet for one.

Would I personally pay that $1,225 price for the Houndoom? No, but clearly, there are some people who will (as evidenced by the fact that it sold for that price).


A lot of people would not pay that but all it takes is two people in a bidding war. It does not come up often so someone trying to make a set would feel obligated to pay the premium, though that price seems a bit steep.

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@joer I thought the same. There’s another PSA 8 on ebay now but the buyer is looking for $2,000. I just may have to play the long game with adding this to my collection.

I used to own the copy that is on eBay for $2500. In my opinion, the price premium for these really increases when in a 9 or 10 grade. 8s and below are still able to be found raw much easier, or on auction where the seller doesn’t even know there is any difference with the holo.


@kpod Oh wow, nice! Ideally I would like to have this card in a 9 but one hasn’t come up for quite some time (as far as I know). The PSA 10 sold in April 2021 on PWCC for best offer (listed for $16,000), but that one is way out of my price range.

I had a good condition one go to PSA in Oct 2020. If I ever get it back and it’s an 8+ I will hit you up.


@jawsh98 that would be awesome, please do! I appreciate it.

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No problem Man! I hope you have an awesome week!

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Agree with the others that when you get into more unique printings or variations of a card, it can be harder to gauge the price model due to less sales or whatever else at any given time. With a card like this I’d probably be fine with a PSA 8 because in my experience on the Neo holos the difference between an 8 or 9 is like 1 less print line on the holo, but a huge savings for the 8.

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@jabby the PSA 8 that sold in March and the one listed on ebay now both look great, I’d be more than happy with one in that condition. I just wish they came about more frequently lol :sob:

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Easily some of the best looking cards ever! Super scarce in First Edition. Ho-oh and Houndoom definitely two of the sweetest.

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