Neo Destiny Shining Cards

Hey guys I was on Bulbapedia and was looking into sets I’d like to start. I’m new to collecting but I’ve had some great help already getting started.

Just to clarify, if a card is 1st edition it will always be Shadowless correct? Only 1st edition cards are Shadowless?

Lastly, I’m trying to get an estimate for what a shining Charizard PSA 10 1st edition card would go for but on eBay all I can find is non 1st edition versions for about $400 which I don’t want.

Does anyone here have a better way to find these cards? What are my options of sellers when looking for these cards besides eBay?

Thanks for the help guys! I’m excited to get started!

1st ed PSA 10 Shining char goes for like $2000. Only 1st Edition Base Set has no Shadow, every other 1st edition has a shadow.

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Thanks! Appreciate the help. Gonna try to go for this set first.

Shadowless cards are also shadowless. :wink:

TCA has a guide on these, you can read more about shadowless cards below:

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Thanks man! I’m such a noob still. I’ll read the article now.

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Shining charizard 1st edition psa 10 has had recent sales going up and beyond $2000. We might be seeing a shift soon in market value on eBay. It was steady at 1800-2000 For the past couple months though based on sales history.

I see, I’m about to snag a copy myself this week before it shoots up. Really wants get the big cards out the way.

You and me both. trying to go for a complete shining set.

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Same man, same. Gonna go for all 20. Good news is PSA 10 Versions of almost half of them are under $100

I’m also gonna go for a complete Shadowless Base set which is gonna take a long while hehe. I’ll pick up Machamp after I finish this shining set.

Ordered 8 of the newer ones off eBay today. HALFWAY THEREEEE

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Nice I have a few of the new ones already and some I can get graded as well that are candidates for 10s from shining legends but I’m in no rush on those prices are at a all time low for them. I picked up magikarp recently and I already had gyarados. I include both of them as part of the set even though they are from revelations since they are also shining. Next is charizard since price point for him is getting up there

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Nice! I’m collecting all 20 as well.

Isn’t Magikarp and Gyarados about $1300 altogether? You’re getting up there hehe

It’s close to that if you find the right person. I’d say it doesn’t hurt to up what most will buy for. Got to make your pitch stand out but not to the point where you overpay. Maybe around 1450-1600 for both based on recent sales. Said you were looking for shining charizard this week. Should hop on this PWCC auction, ends soon. link

I had an offer for 2450 this morning on ebay and sold to someone else for 2350 via paypal. It seems like they’re back in a bubble of being slightly higher, but I’ve been seeing more and more of them popping up which is why i wanted to unload mine today. Why do you want to start with this card? It’s a great card, I’m just wondering since you’re new to collecting Charizards why that’s the set you’re starting out with.

I don’t mean to assume much about how much you know or how much disposable income you have, but if you’re just learning the difference between shadowless and 1st edition now, I’d recommend learning more before making such a major purchase.

Figure out how much money you want to sink into cards, find a goal that appeals to you, and evaluate if the goal is reasonable. Jumping on to a big purchase quickly can put you in a situation where your money is tied to a card you don’t really want as your goals change.

But if you just won the lottery or something, then ignore this. Go ham and have fun :blush:

Are you categorizing all of last year as part of the bubble? Or just the spike it had from 1.5 to 2.5k temporarily before rebalancing to 2k?

I think it should stay around 2k. I thought that 1500-1800 was too low. But the way it’s spiked over the last month and the amount of them I’ve seen popping up on BIN’s and pwcc auctions as of late makes me think that the quick spike to 2400-2500 is going to be short lived, short-term. So I jumped ship for now in the hopes that i can re snag during the next dip.

I see. Personally I’m not leaning towards bubble. If you look at the beginning of last year it’s value was around $700 sometimes lower. If you take that into account even if it was steady 1800 as of end last year into start of this year, it saw a $1100 increase within just a year. To see a rise this year of $700 doesnt fully surprise me. Value is all based on what people are willing to spend it’s seen consistent sales above 2k now. Will just have to see. With more people coming back to the hobby and or joining, the market can only provide so many and it seems people are just taking the opportunity to buy. Recent sales makes it seem like there is alot of them, end game of any collector is the long game. People will hold on to their cards, not look for the quick flip. It is a good time to sell I feel though if you can always break even or make a profit. Glad you came out on top :blush:.

I don’t know what would indicate a bubble. Sealed product availability has decreased, mint ungraded availability has decreased. These would naturally equate an increase in price.

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I guess we’ll see what the couple that just popped up go for :0)

If you mean the PWCC auctions currently going I wouldn’t rely on it. PWCC auctions is like a ticking time bomb and not fully reliable sales. They can teeter totter based on how they are auctioned. In this case they have two 1st edition psa 10 shining zards both listed to end at the same exact time. Results of PWCC auctions from what I have seen either drive sales higher than their market value and eventually balance back out or have a ridiculous fluctuation in price due to them listing multiples of the same card at the same exact time to end at the same exact time. Not to say its completely unreliable but I would look at other sales before going off their sales history especially if they made the last sale and hit a new record price.