1st edition/unlimited shining cards

Hi guys Iv been lookin at some of the shining cards and realised It will be hard to pick some of them up in 1st edition psa 9/10’s. so my question is do you think the unlimited print versions will hold their value? Haven’t got too much experience with these, I wouldn’t be buying to sell but to collect. It would still be nice to know that they are growing in value or Atleast won’t drop to much. Thanks

They should grow or at least retain value. The first edition prices are getting crazy and that will only help the unlimited versions. Even the unlimited 9s should be pretty safe.

I am seeing some of the unlimited 10s ending with high prices in auctions recently. Shining Charizard unlimited is seeing weird prices with one sold for $550 and another at $500 last week. These are original WOTC secret rares, triple star rares, shining Pokemons so that will only help them with their value moving forward. These come from Neo Destiny, one of the most historically-rich set and the boxes are very scare, especially 1st edition. With so many factors in play, there is absolutely no doubt that the Neo shinings in high grades(PSA9/10) will retain their value and hit new highs over time. Personally i will go for the 1st editions in 10s/9s and unlimited in 10s as demand is only increasing with these cards as time goes on.

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Thanks both. i always think similar and just like to double check and get confirmation(makes me feel better haha)if i pick some up il try for first edition in the lower cards or psa 10 in unlimited. thanks for your thoughts.

I may be biased (or wishful thinking) since I currently have some in my inventory, but I think the Shining Prices are about to explode (more than they already have). The market conditions are forming the perfect storm: high collect-ability, extreme rarity, extreme scarcity, exhausted supply of ungraded cards/booster boxes. In my opinion, these cards are following the same trajectory as 1st Edition Base Set about 1-2 years ago. This might sound ridiculous, but I think we are going to see the 1st Edition Shining Zard PSA10 double in price soon.

What are your thoughts Scott?


When I first got back into collecting (early 2017) I was targeting mostly base set unlimited 9’s and 10’s because 1st ed prices were too high for the big ticket Pokemon. I’ve recently switched tactics to targeting 1st editions for cards I can afford to invest in while continuing to put food in my mouth. I could never dream of investing in a PSA 9 base set 1st ed. Zard, but i was recently able to pick up a PSA 9 1st ed shining zard for a relatively reasonable price. I was weary about spending just north of $600 dollars on any one card, but after watching basically all of Scott’s videos, I felt reassured enough to pull the trigger. I guess time will tell.


I feel shining charizard is so undervalued, in 1st and non 1st edition. The ungraded population of this card appears to be low, based on whats available in the market. You then have the fact that the booster boxes for neo destiny are very pricey with people being hesitant to open them. Then there is something special about having charizard, in shining format, with the allure of a ‘triple star rare’. the stars are aligned for this card to exponential in value.


The gradable PSA 10 worthy raw 1st edition shining supply has not dried up yet. I just graded a shining tyranitar 1st edition at PSA 10 for only $160. I still see multiple mint 1st edition cards on ebay every month that are affordable (< $150). Until these cards become extremely scarce I don’t see them going the way of Base set 1st edition holo prices.

interesting and good scoping if you identify such opportunities. I see people fighting over psa 8 quality 1st ed Zard at around $400 mark for ungraded copies.

Here is a prime example of a likely PSA 10 worthy card (might need some more pics to be sure).


I bet money it doesn’t get over $120

p.s.s. That guy is selling his collection and has some super swag cards listed. I might go after the LC Charizard if I can get it < $200