Need to Rant - Collecting Frustrations

Currently the only thing that has my head in the game right now is that I have a preorder with Ami Ami for XY9 and that I had the lovely chance to meet many of you during Worlds a while back and get some memorable cards.

Recently, however, I’ve had personal frustrations, which is also due to my lack of a presence here on the forums.

My first frustrations came at finding a New Year Present card, however, there are typewriter indentations from the receiver’s information being printed on the back of the card, and it’s indented the card so you can visibly see it when you shine the light on it. I hesitate GREATLY from purchasing the card because of this, as I consider it some extensive damage besides the card looking quite crisp.

The second was the heavy hitter, and has been aggravating me for weeks at a time. I had hooked up with Glenn to get the Japanese XY Promo for the new Gyarados card, back when it was starting to hit Y!J. I hit on one of the first listings, back when it was only 15,000~20,000 JPY, and made a purchase through Glenn.

But the card never came. Glenn got screwed out of his money and took the hit for me (I still owe him for that, and no, Glenn, you can’t change my mind on that). And so I’ve been checking Yahoo! Japan ever since. It used to be once a day, then a few times a week, then once a week, and now every few weeks.

The card started off at 20,000 JPY, and now bid wars are going as high as 50,000 JPY for the card, and I’m feeling constantly pressured to buy it at the high price.

And I don’t want to.

Part of it, I feel, is due to my stubbornness and feeling cheated that I’d likely have to pay 20,000~30,000 JPY MORE for a card I originally bought for about 20,000 JPY. Correction, GLENN bought for me. The other part, is that due to my feelings towards this particular situation, I’ve started to question the direction of my collecting. I’m not a major collector as many of you are. I don’t know the names to HALF of the sets, I feel. I collect Gyarados cards. That’s it. I have some expanded knowledge, but that’s primarily due to you guys. I’ve questioned a few times of just selling my collection and wiping my hands clean. I take things more personally when it affects other people besides myself.

I don’t like being screwed out of a deal when I was dutifully checking something and keeping a careful eye out for it and caught it.

I dislike it more so when the people I care about here who help me out, get screwed over, and that now this card just feels like a bad reminder and a continued frustration.

So yeah. I’m kind of in a negative space in terms of collecting. And this has been stewing for several weeks. I stopped looking for about 3 weeks since I last checked, and decided to check today. There is ONE listing, and bidding hasn’t ended on it, and it’s already past 40,000 JPY.

So yeah, kind of needed to vent. And don’t worry, even though I mentioned I’ve questioned quitting, I’m not going to. I’m stubborn, and I’m not going to let a really crappy experience deter me from quitting my collection.

Just feeling particularly crappy about this situation and really wanting to move past it.


Hey mate, in part this is my fault lol, I also wanted this card and saw like you did they were going for like 1500-2500Y soon after release. When I tried getting one there was one bidder who was buying EVERY SINGLE ONE and I got out bid every single time and I was lucky enough to get a buy it now one thanks to @japanime at 5000Y. Last one went for 6000Y, so seems like a lot of people want this card.

Do not quit my fellow Gyarados collector!

It is alright Devon, we have all had similar experiences that make you question many things about the hobby. The initial off the cuff reaction of wanting to quit is normal. I have seen countless collectors who actually do leave, give it time, come back, some change their dynamics, some come back and collect more aggressively.

The main advice I can give is to not let one or two instances such as this drive you out of a hobby. There are always going to be unfortunate situations such as your experience. If anything, this one looks like dealing with bad sellers. Something that is an unfortunate reality when a market expands.

With that said, do what you are comfortable with, and remember, this is a hobby not a job, don’t let it cause significant stress in your life.


Do you mind linking the card in question?

I am not familiar with it, and would love to help you find one at a moderately reasonable price.

Other than that, I am sorry for your troubles. @smpratte hit the nail on the head when he said we all have similar experiences. I would share my own, but I will save that for another time. :stuck_out_tongue: Best of luck.

My advice: Do what is best for you.

I’ve taken breaks from different aspects of my life for different reasons. If I truly am interested in something and love what I do, I go back to it. I did it with Pokemon, online communities, video games, anime. There comes a point where doing the same habit over and over gets a little boring and you need to change it up. I can see your frustration from this card, but I’m sure if we all pitch in together we should be able to help you find one.

I might not be able to change your mind, but I can stubbornly refuse to take your money. :wink:

Really, don’t feel bad for me. That’s one of the risks of doing business, and it’s never been my policy to pass my misfortune onto that of my customers.

I had completely forgotten about that transaction, though I’ve added the seller to my personal blacklist.

In the meantime, I know I speak for everyone here when I say we hope you feel better again soon! The fruitful transactions always make up for the few sour ones we all have to deal with now and then. :blush: