Need Tech Help!

So I’m using an Amazon Echo Show (for Alexa stuff) and a Fire TV (not stick) to watch tv/movie shows.

I was wondering should I get a FireTV Cube to do the echo stuff and the fire tv stuff or keep my set up now?

Let me know.

Won’t it be a really different configuration?

The Amazon Echo Show does Alexa and has a screen, and the Fire TV also has Alexa enabled remote with 4k resolution.

Aside from simplicity (putting both into one…sort of), I honestly don’t see much of a drastic change into losing both of those for a TV cube.

What benefit are you looking at in regards of swapping?

I can resell the show and fire tv for like $250 and buy the cube for $100 = $150 in my pocket.

You can definitely do that! It’s basically a trade off of certain features that the Echo Show has/fire TV that may not be in the Cube TV, and vice versa.

If you are doing basic alexa and watching 4k TV, the TV cube should do those things no problem.