Need MTG Help

So I just found the old shoe box that my brother and I used to keep our MTG cards in. I thought this shoe box was lost for good, and I have actually searched for it thoroughly once or twice in the past.

I have no idea what to look for besides the Silver/Gold logo’s beneath the artwork on the right to determine if something is rare or not. These cards will all be from between ~2000 and maybe 2002? I will post pictures as a reply to anything I am unsure of.

TL;DR: How to identify rare MTG cards besides Silver/Gold icons?

I’m not sure if mythic rare (red) came into play then. Also the playability of the card in different formats or if it was reprinted recently and its playable the. Its worth a good amount.

I have quite a few cards with White Borders and no Set Logo/Rarity, I can’t find quite a few of them on TnT. Is that special at all?

I wish I could help you with exact prices. I’ve only played off and on and dont know much about it


I don’t remember when mythic rare came out but if you can post a picture of the icons for each different one, I can tell you the sets and current retail price.

Also, some of the older sets didn’t even have colors. Legends, for example has some incredibly rare sets but every symbol is black. White borders usually indicate reprints and aren’t as rare as originals.

Also, TnT usually has current prices but most tend to estimate via