Need Help: All Cards of N and Pokemon

Howdy howdy, I am trying to create a list of all of the cards which have N in the background with a Pokemon. After pulling the trainer gallery Zekrom in Brilliant Stars, I remembered how much I love the story of Gen 5 and N as a character (goal would be to create a shadowbox with N, N’s Resolve, and all of these PSA 10 English). Any help in finding these cards would be amazing - currently my strat is to look over all cards on PKMNsets from B&W onwards lol. Attached are the cards I have found.

Brilliant Stars Zekrom

Cosmic Eclipse Reshiram & Zekrom GX


This is a good list of most of the trainer cards N has appeared on. I know there is also like 3 versions of the 2017 world championship N trainer card too.


In addition there is the Best of XY N too, regular and reverse holo and full art