My wants list

Hey! This is my first thread post so please tell me if I’m doing something wrong. I’m fairly new to the tcg world and looking to start my collection. I would love to buy any old school ex cards (english unlimited). I’m also interested in psa 9 game boy promo cards and possibly some ungraded shining or gold star cards if they’re affordable. Im open to trades as well, I have a good amount of new ex cards (promo and normal) and some more rare cards like a NM legendary collection reverse charizard and a damaged gold star charizard and flareon. The most I would like to spend on a card would be $40 but if it’s a good deal then I could go higher. I only want ungraded cards except for the psa 9 game boy promos. We can talk here but I’d prefer to talk business over email, Thanks!

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