My post was answered but now it's deleted why?

I created a post just a few days ago asking a question about some pokemon prism cards I have since I was young, the response was they were fake and gave a link to why but now the post is gone/deleted. Why? this was a very informative post, if the responses were accurate, people/collectors need to reference the link about why those were fakes.

Here’s the reference linked in your thread. It was deleted by [another] mod because you got an answer to your question and also alluded to items you were selling in the thread. As per the rules:

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I was asking for advice on if they were real or fakes and if they had value. The person who answered my question referenced a very important link that doesn’t exist any where but in the link which would have been helpful to many people with my same question about validity of those cards of those particular cards, but now the entire post has been deleted by a mod and no where in the post was I asking for “advice” on “how to sell” specific items. The answer regarding the validity of the cards was very hard to find/reference and would have been helpful to keep the post up for others.