My "Open" Box Complete Pokemon Game is Worth What!?

I just checked out this video in my youtube feed and was amazed at the values being described. I figured the oldest games would have value and we all know that sealed is “King”, but I was stunned at how collectable “open” boxes could be. I wish my small brain realized this sooner!

Still, I’m proud to say that as a college freshman I got both heart gold and soul silver and kept everything minty, so that’s a nice 500 bucks between the two! Woot woot!

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Yeah complete in box prices are going nuts… I’m not sure that insane trend will hold up over time

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I hate my 3rd grade self for not keeping my red and blue boxes. I think I might have too at one point and thrown them out only when I moved. I still have the inserts too, so I think I just chucked the box… dumb dumb dumb.

I had a little collection of boxes, gba and gbc games including almost all of the 3rd gen games. Didn’t realize they were worth anything. I’ll have to dig them out of storage

It’ll hold.

Okay, you’ve convinced me.


The older boxed games keep going up, never expected people to pay $400+ (canadian) for Emerald. Last time I was checking they were only going for ~$75. The plastic cases games seem rise way slower (excluding HG and SS since those are boxed and have the pokewalker). As a kid we didn’t keep the boxes (big regret), was able to score a lucky auction that was selling all Gen 1 and 2 boxes, not including the games.

With the 25th anniversary next year , everything might go up, the games and trading cards. It’ll be interesting to see.