My 20 Year (-ish) Pokemon Card Collection From New Zealand

Hey guys, apologies on the first post as I was unaware of the rules in the forum being a newbie :face_with_spiral_eyes: . I received a lot of lovely messages from you all and some recommended I start a collection thread of some sort. I am new to forums so don’t know much but will give this a go! I collected avidly during the end of the 2000s and beginning of 2010s but have continuously collected Pokemon cards for around 20 years here in New Zealand. I have amassed a large amount of sealed product and cards through out this period of time and recently have become more serious about collecting as well. Here are some of what I have… I have more but I’m not sure if it’s too many pictures. Thank you for checking this thread out!

PS: Bonus picture of my riding my motorcycle with my Pikachu and me wearing the Levi x Pokemon jacket hahaha!


Well damn you got all the coolest cards and games! Awesome collection!


thank you so much for the kind words :blush:

Welcome to efour! You have an awesome collection! That jacket is pretty cool too. I used to have a CBR as well such a cool bike :blush:


Woah :open_mouth:

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I love wotc sealed, glad to see it

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Very impressive collection! What are some of your favorites?

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There is a name for people like you. They’re called “Cool Trainer.”


Remember you from youtube back in the day, good times. Glad to see you’re still around. Awesome collection.


Thank you! My sister bought me the Levi x Pokemon jacket since it reminded her of me instantly haha! Bro, the CBR Fireblade just hits different! I’ve owned a variety of bikes in the past (Ducati Monster, Yamaha R6, Suzuki GSXR750, Kawasaki ZX6R…etc) but the CBR just hits different :blush:

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I think my favourite would be my sealed WOTC boxes that I’ve owned since high school days. I was working minimum wage jobs and bought a box of Jungle Unlimited that was basically 3 months of my pay… people laughed at me for spending that money on Pokemon cards when I was 16. It’s a good reminder for me to work hard and collect whatever you want and filtering out the background noise.


Hahaha thank you brother! Means a lot coming from another Pokemon card collector like you!

Ah bro, I returned back to YouTube and social media/Instagram a year ago when life brought me back to Pokemon cards once more. Thank you for watching me back then and perhaps you would wouldn’t mind supporting me now still? :blush: Anyway bro, thanks for the comment!

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Feels are strong for this one I feel sorta elitist being one of the few on here remembering the name. Welcome and it’s awesome to feel reunited in some sense. Rembered watching your stuff when I began collecting in 2008 and was the first person afaik I watched opening full-on boxes to collection sharing, especially during the HGSS LEGEND era as well as some ex Gold star era. I was into singles then and seeing another person comment upon opening the same card at the time for me was the only way I knew to see any form of shared appreciation.

The Ivychu and gold star pages hit and hit hard.
Least worst wishes to you man, make sure you get it all.

What does slayerofmca mean?


I’m not jealous, you’re jealous.


I always used to watch your videos! I remember winning a giveaway and getting your signature card. It’s amazing how far the hobby has come since those early days of poketubing. Good to see you here @slayerofmca,!

Welcome @slayerofmca! Fancy seeing you here :grin:

Wow another nzer hell yeah!

Hey brother! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I’m new to all this forum stuff haha got to keep up with the times!

In regards to Slayerofmca, it was just a name I made up for fun as a teenager since the initials of the school I went to was MCA, I thought I’d be its warrior or slayer in a sense and just thought slayerofmca would be cool… and then the rest was sort of history XD

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Hahaha fancy seeing you here too brother!!