Museum Quality Acrylic Case Graded Cards+ Prototypes Done

Pictured are two prototypes I had made for graded card displays that can standalone on desks or shelves or for wall hanging.
They feature the same UV protected acrylic that house famous paintings in museums. This material is heavy and costs a fortune. If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford them lol (but figure in the 30.00usd area)

I especially wanted them to be quick in and out for easy collection rotation.

They are one piece blocks with no fold outs etc. I’m thinking of making them for 1, 2, or 3 cards.

Give me your thoughts…


Holy, those are amazing!! Let me know as soon as they are available for purchase :blush:


Those are incredible. I’d go with a holder that’s four wide. Then you mount them in four rows high to show off all 16 graded foils.

Good idea but cost is a concern since it will take a large quantity to get that price down. I will check into it though.

Let me know, I would buy this. Great idea

I’m confused Gary… you said “30.00 usd area”.

Does that mean 1 slab for 1 card is 30.00 usd?
Does it means the 2 slab piece you are showing is 30.00 usd?

Or does it mean something else entirely because 30.00 usd is not that much in my opinion when protecting a prized card worth excess of several hundred dollars. I would put my PSA 10 Grand party in that bad boy.

Lastly, does dust get in the top? Maybe a flap on top t prevent it? Even something simple like a piece of paper or loose plastic flap. Might not really matter if the cards are in a sleeve already anyway, but dust could settle inside the case then.

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I was planning on getting something done for my anime collection similar to this so I could display items without worrying about dust or uv. Good to see someone get this done for their graded cards.

Make one with a front or top lid. They look really cool.

Edit: I honestly doubt anything clear will protect against sun rays.

I wonder if you could get away with having the backs be black acrylic for appearance and cost saving measures.


Great idea! This is very common in the reef and marine aquarium community if you have a tank with one of the sides of the aquarium against a wall. They usually paint the back black or if the tank is acrylic they have the sheet that will face the wall in black.

Cool concept Gary. :blush:


Very interesting ideas above. A black back would cut some cost cause it would eliminate one sheet of that expensive acrylic.
The top is open but not sure how big of a problem that is or if there’s an easy fix that can be done by the end user.

Joe…That was a general number. Not sure where it’ll acturally be.

Those are amazing! I will buy some too!!

Very cool! I’d buy some :blush:

What would be the benefit of these over just having the PSA stands? Seems like a lot of layers of plastic to look through to see the card.

UV protection + wall mount.

And if this really offers museum-level UV protection, $30 is basically nothing. I’ve seen how much museum glass can cost.


The view is crystal clear through the case. For some reason they even look nicer through the case. I tested this on several people.
For your other questions see PFM’s post.

Gotcha. The UV protection slipped my mind! It was late

Look great, just with the tops maybe a little insert only a few millimeters down to stop dust getting in?

I want to be able to display my cards on my steering wheel too!

In all seriousness i’d like something like this, would be cool

I would totally throw down 30 bucks for my high end card. 30+ for a high end investment piece is priceless.

Let us all know when it is available for purchase potentially. Big money maker for whoever sells them!