MTG cards anything good?

Hey everyone.
So i got a bunch of MTG cards in a deal a while back. I don’t really collect them and therefore have extremely limited knowledge of value, playability etc. If you know the game and could scan the list and see if anything stands out as good or valuable that would be great. Will save me a bit of time checking ebay. Thanks

Septic Rats Foil,
Septic Rats JP
Typhoid Rats
Scrib Nibblers Foil
Throat Slitter
Okiba Gang Shinobi
Scythe Tiger
Seraph of Dawn
Black Cat
Steppe Lynx
Serra Angel
Wandering Wolf
Ghostly possession
Sky Ruin Drake
Boreal Griffin
Ursine Fylgia
Somberwald Dryad
Arctic Nishoba
Snow Covered Plains
Sanctuary Cat
Abuna Acolyte
Stormfront Pegasus
Kembas Legion
Goldenglow Moth
Slash Panther

Throat Slitter, if you got it from the BoK set or Planechasers is about $1 from either set.
Serra Angel is only worth your time getting money with if you have either the Alpha or Beta edition which I highly doubt was part of the deal. :dizzy_face: You’d know because those cards are slightly larger than the rest.

Other than that, sorry to say, all of the cards are worthy of chump change. You have a lot of commons and have very few of anything else.

MTG prices are contingent mostly on what’s being played on Standard, which only uses the last like, 5 or so years of card sets in game play. That or incredibly rare and powerful cards from older sets like the Dual Lands that didn’t have any negatives come with them to play two types of Mana producing lands.

Or if you have an original Black Lotus that you can sell for a couple of grand. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry to give you the bad news, though. :slightly_frowning_face: What kind of “deal” did you get them in because now I’m concerned. You’d probably only get a few bucks if you sold them as a lot, but they probably wouldn’t sell for more than like 2 or 3 dollars. :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, fun note: I play MTG. XD

Like Azul said, only Serra Angel would be worth something if it were Alpha or Beta. The others seems like someone wanted to discard part of his black deck to make room. lol

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I have a small amount of Alpha and more Beta and Unlimited but have complete sets from Revised through Fifth Dawn.
I’m always in the market for large collections pre-2000.

Stocking up for resale, Gary? Or just collecting?

I love to collect mtg but also sell:)

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I use every ounce of my mental willpower to resist the temptation to start up with mtg… my wallet definitely could not handle another hobby at the moment!

I don’t care to collect, but it is the only card game that I play. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had playing any of the known card games like Pokemon or Yugioh (I used to play the latter too).

I also have boxes of yugioh binders. Many sets but don’t recall how complete.

You probably know better than me that the market for Yugioh cards is still really top notch, though recent searches for particular cards show that it may be going down. I sold a few cards for 50+ dollars each a few years back before I sold a lot of over 1000 cards for 600 bucks cheap. Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning at one point was being sold for a lot at one point but now the price has dwindled since then.

I was honestly upset back when I used to play Yugioh. Back then, they only had the official Ban List that updated every 6 months. They didn’t have restricted play like they do now. Finally completed my deck, reeked havoc for about 3 weeks, then BAM, 7 cards banned from my deck. I kind of rage quitted as my 14 year old self. Quit the card game, quit collecting, quit the show.

At least I made a pretty penny of them. :stuck_out_tongue: Now I just keep my copies of Dark Paladin since they’re most memorable to me.

Thanks for the responses!
Wasn’t expecting a diamond in the rough but you never know!!
Got them completely randomly in a deal of pokemon cards i bought a while back so they effectively cost me nothing…

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Sure Dan. Just let me know:)