Movie Box Office, Releases, and Discussion

I miss talking about movies. I am planning on posting Box office results, weekly releases, and predictions about how the movies will do.

Weekend Box Office (November 27 - 29, 2015)

1 Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 2 $51,600,000.00
2 The Good Dinosaur $39,192,000.00
3 Creed $30,120,000.00
4 SPECTRE $12,800,000.00
5 The Peanuts Movie $9,700,000.00
6 The Night Before $8,200,000.00
7 The Secret In Their Eyes $4,502,000.00
8 Spotlight $4,495,000.00
9 Brooklyn $3,832,000.00
10 The Martian $3,300,000.00

COuld wipe out poverty with hollywood movie budgets.


Wow a box office weekend that doesn’t involve a horrible sequel or reboot. (Bond doesn’t count and hunger games is a book series). But maybe I’m wrong – I don’t know enough about all of these titles.

I’m not much for knowing figures or projections, but I love talking movies!

You say you miss it–was this something you used to do more regularly?


Yes. I had similar thread elsewhere. I last posted in the thread October 2014.

I watch alot of movies, and I look them all up on imdb, and I check most of them, but I watch alot more TV Series. Mainly HBO, AMC, Showtime, and now there is a couple of emerging companies that are competing with these 3 big guys. I must say TV series a much better, but you can’t really compare them like that because There be big expectations from movies, and its very hard for them to cram it all in that 1 and half - 2 hour window. My favourite kind of mcmoviens is Psychological thriller, Sci-fi or Mystery
things. Mystery thriller.

Edit: yeah love sci-fi

Its stretching it a little but Creed may be considered a sequel to the Rocky series.

Sylvester Stallone is as old in Creed as Burgess Meredith was in the original Rocky movie.

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Pokesyn mentioned IMDb. Years ago, early 1970s, I was in a movie playing a drug dealing Biker. I had only one line I think, “The bread man. The bread.” I also got paid an extra 100.00 to crash a motorcycle. It was a 1969 Triumph Bonneville.
It was a soft porn movie that hit all the Pussycat theatres in the USA. It was re-released in England in the 1980s. The movie reached cult status due to the longest ever scene in the movie history. It was filmed in the Hollywood Hills.
The title was originally “Bad Scene” but changed to “Wrong Way”.
I think I’m listed under trivia or something like that.
Had a lot of fun between takes lol.


Predictions on opening weekend of new Star Wars movie? I think I read it correctly that Jurassic World is no.1 at a staggering $208M. Surely the new Star Wars will eclipse this figure

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Holy shit. You are right they were both 69 years old.

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You have done lots of things. I will try and find this clip now. lol.

Vpn time, because here In aus we get murdered if we dont use one.

So this is the movie @KingPokemon? Look at the horrible add on this site, I cbf paying for adguard because I buy too many pokemoon cards… yes I know I could use adblock because its free, but remember nothing is free, and if it is your probably the product:

At 2:34 that’s me on the left. I say “You mothers, this is a bad scene” and I grab a chain. I forgot I actually had more lines lol.


The Star Wars fans broke fandango trying to pre-order tickets the moment they were available, the Star Wars Reddit sub was aging insane, and big theaters on the coasts sold out immediately. Maybe this is normal hype levels for some movies (I’m thinking the avengers/marvel stuff) , but I really hope it’s unique and a hint at the enormousness of opening weekend.

Edit: coasts refer to the US

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Star Wars will never, ever, ever meet the hype that has been built for it. It won’t be an amazing disaster like The Phantom Menace was, because Disney have the ability to make pretty consistently decent films, but there is just no way in hell it won’t be met with equal amounts of hate as love.

I was literally going to mention that it can’t be as horribly received as the Phantom Menace.

I totally agree. Star Wars can never be what it was; so much of its essence is nostalgia and how underrated and completely unknown it was. For most fans (especially older fans) watching those original movies was an experience of unexpected discovery that can never be recaptured.

So yeah, people are gonna definitely hate it. But I think in some ways the failures that were episodes I, II, III set the bar so low that a lot of people are going to be happy if there is even some semblance of the spirit of the originals in these new movies. And at the very least CGI is out and muppets/puppets are back in. Thank the gods. If I could somehow MIB-style erase the image of Yoda flying around from that one scene in whichever episode it was (I think III), I would gladly, GLADLY do so.

Guys I present to you the Greatest in Australian Television!


Lol…ill take the brunette:)

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Movies Coming Soon December 4th, 2015

Plot: A young boy in a dysfunctional family has to sit through yet another disappointing holiday - but this time, he’s had enough. Fed up with the Christmas spirit, he turns his back on everything… only to summon Krampus, a demonic force bent on punishing non-believers. As beloved icons turn twisted and evil, the boy will have to pull his fractured family together if any are to survive the festive onslaught.

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I just saw a trailer for this on TV about 10 mins ago, I thought it looked rather average.

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