Morgan's Collection

My Collection now has 8 cards! January 16th update.


Was the last image intended? lol

but wow!! grey stamp Charizard in PSA 8! I know a guy with one of those :blush:

was this the one recently posted for sale on ebay?


Yes its the one from ebay. I know you have one too, was doing some research before the purchase and saw yours. Very nice.

I have a question, I’ve been looking at the card under magnification and there’s a bunch of little rectangular plastic looking flakes all over the front and back of the card. Is this normal???

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Awesome, you got it for a lot cheaper than I would have let mine go for

not quite sure what you mean about plastic flakes, would have to see a picture

There’s 5 on the front and 2 on the back. WTF are they?

Gee not sure, have never seen that before

I have to ask, what’s with the picture of the dress?!?


Maybe accidental picture of a present for a lady :stuck_out_tongue:


Some cards to get for your first 2, where is left to go after those?!

Re the flakes, I’ve had them before too in my Japanese Shining Gyarados. I think it’s off getting reslabbed at the minute though. No idea what they are or how they get inside the PSA case. Mine just had one I think on the back corner of the card so it wasn’t so obvious.

January 16th Update. My collection now has 8 cards.

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That is one uber rare washing machine error Golem!

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