Mitsuhiro Arita special guest - 1st european partecipation

Hi guys and girls!
I’m glad to announce that the sensei Mitsuhiro Arita, The poliedric artist creator of Hundreds of Illustrations for the TCG Pokémon (i.e. the glorious Base set Charizard), Final Fantasy, Berserk, Monster Hunter and Guardians of Ga’Hoole, will be our Special Guest at
Milan Cartoomics, from the 3rd to the 5th of March 2017.

During the event you’ll be able to get photos, signatures, sketches and more.

This is the link where you can see the cards illustrated by the Master himself.

This is his first time as special guest to an European Convention!

For who wouldn’t be there, we’ll offer a signatures services by mail

Contact us by private message for any informations
via Faceboook only
Here the facebook link:

you will find an Arita’s video where he is inviting you at our Comicon :blush:
Happy new year to all the community!


Do you run the facebook page?

I do, with a couple of guys.

WHAT! Signature services by mail?? :open_mouth:

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Thanks a lot for offering this service. 5 euro per autograph sounds very reasonable. I’ve prepared my package with cards. :blush:


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Wow living in zurich Milano is only a few hour car drive away :grin: might check it out


Omg!!! Definitely wanna hear more about the autograph services!!

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Thanks so much! I’d love to get a signed card. I’ve sent a message via facebook ^^

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You are closer than me ahaha


I contacted CharizardSpaghetti&Mandolino via Facebook and have sent in my cards for signing, very exciting :grin:

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You have not spoken with me but with Marco. Thats fine anyway, he is handling the signature service by mail.
Glad you are excited about that :blush:

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This is exciting! I am interested to hear which cards/items people choose to get signed. Also, the price has gone up from 5 euros to 15…

Yes sadly it’s true, not our decision, but it was directly from Arita

I guess he’s afraid he has to sign TOO much cards, which I can honestly understand… He would like to explore your event and talk to people himself, without having to non-stop sign cards 24-7 I can imagine.
(I’m glad I send mine over when they were still 5 though. :wink: )

Since it will still take quite a while before I got them back, I’ll just tell it in advance. These are the 8 cards I’ve send in:

  • English XY Evolutions Theme Deck Pikachu
  • English XY Evolutions Pikachu
  • Japanese CP6 1st edition Pikachu
  • German XY Evolutions Pikachu
  • French XY Evolutions Pikachu
  • Italian XY Evolutions Pikachu
  • Spanish XY Evolutions Pikachu
  • Korean CP6 Pikachu

Pretty cool that I will soon have a complete XY Evolutions Pikachu set in 7 different languages, all autographed by Mitsuhiro Arita. :grin:



I can appreciate that he is afraid of resellers, and 15 is still not a bad price at all. Hell, it is nothing compared to what some baseball players get to have a ball signed…