Miscut/Misprint Blastoise Cards

Hey there. I’m looking into possibly purchasing these two different Blastoise cards and would like some help with pricing.

This Miscut Blastoise Card:

I’ve been in contact with the seller and they agree the current price is outrageous, but what do you feel would be a good price?
There’s not many previous sales to compare to other than a similar miscut 1st Edition Charizard be sold for $232. I was thinking around $100 or less.

The second one is this Misprint Blastoise Card:


I have no idea how to price this card either but I was thinking around the same price as the other card.

Any help is appreciated.

The first one is a wreck. I’d pay no more than 50 to 60usd

The second one maybe 100.00 though the seller first says he can find nothing wrong with it then in the next sentence says the back is nicked up?

You ought to save up for my Blastoise;)

If I had $20000 lying around I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the input!

I lack the experience when it comes to values and such.

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It’s not so much a lack of experience. These type of cards are generally hard to estimate a price for as they aren’t legit error cards (like the missing dmg Ninetales, for which we kinda have a going price).

Are these cards worth more than a regular base set Blastoise? Absolutely!
Are these cards worth the same as a University Magikarp and FanClub Eevee? Absolutely not!

People need to get away from thinking just because a card is misprinted it must be worth a fortune. I think it is fair to ask an extra because of it but I personally don’t think that they are worth spending more than 100$ on them. At least I couldn’t do it without bad conscience… And by the way I prefer the second one also, simply because I’ve never seen it this misaligned and the condition appears to be a lot better. If I recall correctly somebody on this site has a card similar to the first one, maybe you are better off trying to work something out with him.

I have the card listed at an outrageous price because I have no idea how much it is actually worth. I don’t want to list it for 150 bucks and then find out someone would have paid 400 for it. Not that I was expecting that, but as I have no knowledge of cards like this I wanted to be safe. Anybody who was legit interested in the card would message me. Like you have. I would have fallen off my chair if someone even offered me half of the stupid price I listed.

I suppose I will respond to your eBay message here @cheesypoof999 :stuck_out_tongue:

For 50 USD I’d rather just keep it, I am not strapped for cash and I am just as happy to keep it


I had no clue it was you haha. I am still interested, and I still stick by my $100 offer if you’re willing.

I can see why you would want to hold on to it to see if you get a better offer.