Price Check : HP/DMG 1st Edition Shadowless Char, Blas, Venu

Hello again, can’t seem to fall asleep, so here I am.

I have checked ebay and have some idea of value, but nothing quite comes close to the damage on these ones, at least in terms of scratching.

I also tried the search function, but most of the posts about damaged cards were unspecific and/or outdated considering current market changes.

There aren’t any major creases in these cards which is just about their only selling point. Venusaur looks the least damaged of the three, but I’m curious where you guys would place their values. I know what I paid, but I want to know if my past self made a decent judgment call. After a few posts I’ll say what I paid. This was a non eBay sale for all three at once a little less than a year ago.






800-1000 for the zard
200-300 for blastoise
150-200 for the venusaur

Just a guesstimate

I would say these estimates would be close, strangely really beat up copies sell pretty well, and sometimes if people would pay a little bit more they could get around PSA 6 or PSA 7 cards.

Cool, I’ll take it.

I paid
Charizard : 220
Blastoise : 80
Venusaur : 80

I figured like 150 for Blastoise and venusaur, and like 450 minimum for zard. But that was me being my usual conservative self.

In all honesty with how crazy the market is right now, if you got all of those authenticated, it’s possible you could get $2k. Not saying that’s the value, but I saw a Charizard that’s badly peeling sell for $1500 fast. Someone might buy just cause it’s the cheapest price up right now for a trio.