Miscut Dark Explorers Packs

To clarify, the pack artwork is miscut, not the cards inside, as pictured.

Anyone know how much more these are worth than regular packs?


I think they are pretty neat… not sure it would add too much value though.

In no way is this directed solely to you but very much towards the many “how much is this worth” questions that get asked all the time. Unless there is viable eBay transactions that can direct a certain price, us as forum members have no way to valuate a product then to speak on our own opinions. Especially something like this, its a complete seller determined price as well as a buyer directed offer. You can only push a price if you can find a buyer looking for a oddity like this.

Now my opinion is, being a pack that is still opened daily and released in collections that are not absurdly high in price, I would not place a premium valuation on this in an every sale market. Its a great piece but only holds a small bump in price to the small pool of people that would be looking for it.

In my opinion its still a loose pack that unfortunately I see someone buying and then opening when they see it every day as its a very common pack. If you PSA’d the pack it be folded over and look terrible with not much showing that its a rare error. I would hold them and at the small chance PSA gets their act together in the next few years and offers a better grading pack service, I would PSA them then, as the pack value will have increased and an error like this would be very recognizable. If this was a fossil/jungle/base pack, no worry on getting them sold.

Loose DE pack: $10
Error pack: maybe $15, I would not put it any higher than the blister packs at $15-$18

Your input is appreciated, as for the first part, I made a thread, hoping for people to share their opinions, as I know there aren’t sales for this sort of item on ebay. If anything, it would be lazy for someone to ask a price on here when there is a sales history/currently listed items.

I must disagree with you on the next part though. This is a relatively rare/expensive/valuable sealed set. The boxes and packs are worth almost as much as Fossil and Jungle unlimited. And I would actually think these packs are opened as often or less often as the ones mentioned.

Dark Explorers is worth about 3X Next destinies and Dragons Exalted, the sets released before and after it. Part of this may be due to the fact that Dark Explorers booster packs were NEVER officially included in ANY tins or box sets, ONLY the set Blister packs.

I asked here, because of the few people who have encountered this type of item, or know of similar sales, its likely some are here. I guess I’ll be holding onto them for a bit, hoping for PSA to step it up

I don’t want to sound like I am condemning you for asking at all, its just a lot of times we get 1 post new accounts asking for a value on a single card to buy or sell to make sure they are within their range. That’s where they need to go look up whatever PSA card they are asking for and study the market. Your piece is very original and very much not many instances out there.

As for the crazy value it holds its very much in part of the darkrai cards within the set. The whole set created a benchmark for dark play with the combo darkrai/dark patch.

If they can step up the psa and make it so it looks straight forward, those packs would look sick.