1st ed base blister pack price

any idea what is market value for a light one now?

No such thing as a light one


We all know that blisters are much harder to determine “light” or not. I have opened about 8 in the past 2 years and have swung and missed on 4/8. Some of the heavy ones ended up being light packs while some of my lighter ones were surprisingly heavy. It’s just too damn hard now as the amount of cardboard and glue they used varies from blister to blister. However, the “thrill” of that there could possibly be a heavy in there will draw multiple buyers to want to get one because most can’t 100% be weighed officially as light. However, the risk sometimes does indeed pay off as we know heavies are now around that 7.5k price point.

I would value them depending on artwork in that $2,750-$3,500 range but really haven’t seen one sell in about a month now so could be off some.


ok, how about the idea of fake 1st ed base blisters…have you guys come across them? i havent

first time buying =.= and kinda worried

I have probably bought close to 15 through eBay over a 4 year period and never had any issues but have seen some fishy ones over the years too that I stayed away from. Here’s how I put it

  1. Go through a trusted source where you know you can get your money back if something like that did occur when you received it (hence why I did Ebay).

  2. Blisters are very hard to reseal as in my experience when opening them the cardboard always comes off with the glue so to re-glue that back on would look pretty obvious.

  3. Always inspect the corners of the blister when getting it as sometimes they are peeled off a little bit but don’t let that scare you as the glue is 20+ years old so there is some cases where it might be off a little on a corner or something but that’s okay. Your main issue is the card board and whether that is intact around the pack.

  4. Any type of issue with the cardboard behind and inside the plastic stay away from.

  5. IMO I think it would be easier to reseal a pack then a blister as resealing the cardboard is very hard to do as you literally have to go through cardboard to get to the pack


blisters are a good value. they are unweighed. guaranteed heavy is over 7k. light is 2k+. at 3-3.5k for a chance at holo is pretty good value.

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I proudly own 2 1st edition shadowless blister packs. One in Charizard art as you see in my avatar and the other in Venusaur art. It is exactly the thrill of being able to land a gem mint Charizard that is going to take it to 6k+ a blister soon. Even pulling in mint condition is not bad these days with what it’s going for. There is almost no way to tell if it’s light or heavy which makes it even more interesting. I believe Charizard art should be worth the most. Blastoise as a close 2nd and Venusaur obviously 3rd.

thanks guys!

just bought six haha,wish me luck


Just bought my 3rd 1st edition blister. All from international sellers. Would rather buy from sellers in the states since it’s faster to get it but patience usually pays off in the end. Goals is to get as many as possible before it skyrockets even more. Just like people who undervalued the PSA 9 1st ed zards when it was trending around 5k in February, there are still some who are undervaluing the 1st Ed Blisters that are selling between 2K and 2.5K now. Always get in before the crowd.

Fyi I’ve picked up the blisters at the mid 2k+ area. Two of them are a little crumpled at the sides however. Artworks are a mix (2 zards, 1 stoise, 3 venu)

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You’re ROI is going to be great in about a year or 2. So undervalued right now. Heavy pack just went for 7.5K so you know where these blisters are heading soon, If you’re ever interested in selling the Blastoise, PM me and I will buy it at a premium.


Interesting time right now. Many things have gone up, but there are still opportunities here and there. I think the blister pack boat has sailed. People have either taken them off of eBay or they are much higher. I don’t do purchases on other social media platforms like IG, but I bet you can still get some around 3-4k.

To me, the ex series is still an area that you can invest in. Many PSA 10 cards for ex still less than 300 all day. Also, very few sales of boxes will allow you some time to buy packs for cheap because of the lack of info. Once there are sales figure for a few auctions going on right now, the cards and box prices will soar like NEO and E series (aquapolis, skyridge). I think the ex era boxes are pretty rare. i’ve never really seen a large quantity of boxes. that crystal guardians box is at almost 6k with a few days left. i think that box could hit 8k.